Poroshenko said the gas contract Tymoshenko’s “Criminal signature”

President Petro Poroshenko called the crime of the signing of the ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko gas contract with Russia in 2009. On twitter reported the press Secretary of the President Svyatoslav Tsigalko.

“Criminal signature – the President of the gas contract with Russia in 2009”, – he wrote.

Zlocini PDEs – President about gas contract W Russia in 2009

— Svyatoslav Tsegolko (@STsegolko) June 8, 2017

“Sitting on the gas needle the President about the governments that signed the contract in 2009 and did not want to go to Stockholm to break,” added the spokesman.

Sidle to put Goltz. – President Pro uradi, that papouli contract 2009 I do not zahotel ti in Stockholm dwellers Yogo rezervate.

— Svyatoslav Tsegolko (@STsegolko) June 8, 2017

As you know, the “Block of Petro Poroshenko” wants the anti-corruption bodies have checked the contract for the supply of Russian natural gas in 2009, concluded by Yulia Tymoshenko for corruption and treason.

“In fact, today every Ukrainian: old and newborn, sick and poor gave Putin around 700 dollars. The signed contract is not just a crime against the Ukrainian people, is a betrayal of national interests, which nearly destroyed the country”, – said Gerasimov.