Nine reasons why we get sick traveling

We offer you a list of the main reasons because of which we get sick during travel.

We experience stress

Stress lowers the immune system, making it difficult to fight colds and other infections that we face while traveling.

We are in a confined space

Crowded airports and planes with coughing and sneezing people increase the risk of diseases transmitted by airborne droplets.

We breathe air with low humidityth

Dry nasal mucosa does not fulfill its main task: filtration of air entering the lungs during the breathing process.

We touch dirty things in transport

Seat, armrests and tray tables are in transport are literally teeming with microbes. So you need to always keep hand wipes or disinfectant spray.

We are changing the food

On vacation we are often not the most healthy lifestyle. When we sleep poorly, overeat and consume alcohol, our immune system is compromised.


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We badly my hands

To avoid illness, wash your hands or treat them with antiseptic every time you touch a doorknob, handrail or door of the toilet.

We drink little liquid

Drinking enough pure non-carbonated water helps the immune system to fight infections.

We forget about vitamins

According to studies, zinc is able to prevent the replication of viruses.

We bad sleep

Our immune system is directly connected with sleep. If enough sleep, the body is more difficult to cope with the disease.


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