Scientists have found that inspired Munch to create the paintings “the Scream”

Three meteorologists from Norway put forward the hypothesis, according to which the creation of the famous painting “the Scream” by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch may have inspired the so-called nacreous (polar stratospheric) clouds, the website of the Norwegian meteorological Institute.

These clouds represent the condensation formation which are formed in the lower stratosphere in winter and spring, mainly in the polar regions with anomalously low temperatures. Polar stratospheric clouds are observed at heights from 15 to 27 km and are a fairly rare phenomenon, reports the Russian service Bi-bi-si.

At the top of the Munch painting depicts wavy multicolor background with green, red, yellow, blue and orange hues that are very similar to these clouds, the researchers said.

According to scientists, perhaps an artist for the first time faced with such clouds, and this phenomenon made a strong impression on him.

The painting “the Scream” which Munch made in 1895, is considered one of the most iconic works of art from the period of modernism. The painting depicts the figure of a man, hands clutching his head, his mouth was open in a desperate scream. A man stands on the bridge in the background blood-red sunset behind him two going away people.

Of four created by Munch in the period from 1893 to 1910 version of the Scream, only one belongs to a private collector. In the Munch Museum in Oslo is one of the two options, made with oil and one pastel. The National Museum in Norway exhibited the most famous, second version, painted in oil.

Painting in a private collection in pastel. She was owned by Norwegian billionaire Petter Olsen, who put her up for auction on 2 may 2012. In the end the painting was sold to Leon black for 119 922 500 dollars, which at the time was a record for works of art.

“Scream” repeatedly fell into the wrong hands. So, in 1994 the painting was stolen from the National gallery. A few months later it was found and returned to the Museum.

In 2004, the Scream and other famous works of the artist “Madonna” were stolen from the Munch Museum. Paintings found in 2006. They received some damage and was completely restored within two years.