“Make Russia great again”

“The most powerful man in the world”, so what was the name of the documentary Fareed Zakaria (Fareed Zakaria) about Vladimir Putin on CNN.

The film gives important information about the career of Putin and of Russian nationalism, which made it so incredibly popular at home.

After all, “Make Russia great again” is the unwritten motto of Putin.

But there are several reasons to put question marks in the margins.

The fact that Putin is the most powerful man in the world, is, of course, empty chatter. Zakaria is usually not so engaged, but here he had a special purpose — to scare the American viewers.

Donald trump is the leader of state and Supreme commander of the world’s only superpower and, besides, the head of the world’s most powerful economy.

XI Jinping (Xi Jinping) ruled China with its continuous economic growth, while Putin’s Russia, despite its geographical size, cost Lilliputian state, if you look at it from a global perspective.

Such a hot topic for debate Putin made a statement to the Democrats that he was the cause of the election of three presidents.

Here Zakaria mixes two different argument that is now frequently make in the course of democratic agitation. The program says that Putin hates Clinton because of what she said about him four years ago. It is quite possible.

But the question is, did any actions of Putin or his henchmen during last year’s election campaign directly to the election results.

For this reason the documentary Zakaria reveals the following. The expert, who was interviewed, said that to penetrate the postal system of the Democratic party was easy. I don’t want to exclude what did Putin or his henchmen from Wikileaks. But from the documentary CNN that anyone, at least to some extent knowledgeable in the field of IT, could do the same. And hacking is the main charge against Putin and company.

The next step in reasoning is not done neither in a documentary by CNN, nor even in the course of the American debate. What is the connection between information leakage from mail, propaganda, RT, and the like, and a sudden trump’s victory in three States that determined the election?

Answer: there is no evidence that it is, I have not heard, but the constant repetition that Putin does not like Clinton, and trump loves it, and so…

In my opinion, this is not a proof.

Total: if to succumb to false conclusions just because you don’t like trump and Putin to rational foreign and security policy of the USA it will not.

There are a lot of other things to worry about in connection with relations of the administration of the tramp with the outside world, so I think it is better to concentrate on reality.

The fact that the Democratic party can’t move on after predictable defeats Clinton, is a symptom of political decay.

The third line of the debate (which CNN did not touch) for the Russian connections of trump and his entourage of staff. It still will probably be discussed, but I doubt that will eventually found something to do with the election results.