New Berlin is the third world war: Syria

In February-April 1945 between legendary Marshal Zhukov and the famous General Patton had a historical rivalry. In fact, for a long time Soviet troops surrounded Berlin. When Hitler, like a mouse, cornered, gnawed himself in his bunker, the Russians approached Berlin.

In that moment, when American General George Patton along with fast tanks was in 96 kilometers from Berlin, Hitler told Stalin that he would leave the city in the Soviet Union. 16 April 1945, Marshal Zhukov started the last attack and took Berlin.

But the German military, for fear of Russian revenge, chose to surrender to the Americans. 25 APR 1945, Soviet troops surrounded Berlin, met with American troops at Torgau on the Elbe river.

And on April 30 Hitler committed suicide in his hideout. Scorpio trapped in a fire ring, sting itself to death.

In the movie “Patton” (1970) is an American film Director Franklin Shaffner (Franklin Schaffner) perfectly describes this story. In one scene of the film Patton and Zhukov met in Berlin, they drink vodka on the occasion of the victory, and when they raise their glasses, smiling and reviled each other, each in their own language.

What is happening in Syria

Today between USA and Russia too there is a similar confrontation.

In Syria between Russia, which operates in conjunction with the legitimate government of Assad, and the United States that interact with LIH (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), Party of Democratic Union (PYD), in fact there is a merciless war.

But there is one important difference from 1945: one wants unity, and the other section. Syria, Russia, Turkey and Iran are fighting for unity, and the United States, Israel, the Saudis, the PKK, ISIS and Jordan — for the division.

While the Americans together with the PYD, the Syrian wing of the PKK, begin operation in raqqa, Syria comes from behind and tries to take Deir-ez-Zor. USA rush, because Syria and its allies are fully captured Aleppo, HOMS, Palmyra.

The turn — Hama and Deir-ez-Zor. And the importance of Deir ez-Zor comes from the fact that the US and its accomplices are planning to divide Syria and Iraq with the PKK in the North and Sunni Arab States in the South.

Deir ez-Zor is located in the strategically important junction of Iraq and Syria. 2012 USA defending ISIS here, going even to the bombing of the Syrian troops, who from time to time surround these areas.

And the Saudis showered money and weapons to Sunni tribes that are here.


Raqqa, located in the heart of the country. Who’s going to take Deir-ez-Zor, he will take and Raqqa. Rakka also needs the US and the PKK under the guise of “Democratic forces of Syria” (SDG) for the following reason. By using the barrier from Raqqa to Deir-ez-Zor they are trying to guarantee the partition of Syria.

As said Russian foreign Minister Lavrov, the U.S., agreeing with ISIS regarding the liberation of Raqqa, a plan to send ISIS terrorists in Deir ez-Zor and even already started to do this.

Moreover, plans to attack Syria and from the South through Jordan.

An expert on the Middle East Serhat Erkmen (Serhat Erkmen) sums up what is happening in the following way: “currently, there are four main parties to the conflict: troops loyal to the regime who are trying to move from Palmyra to the South and East; New troops of the Syrian army (formerly the Free Syrian army), who, supported by the US, UK and Jordan are trying to move from South to North-West; the people’s protection Units (YPG), who during the siege of Raqqa opened the door for ISIS in Deir ez-Zor via Kubara, and the militants “Hasdi Shabi”, who went to Syria from Iraq”.

If the connection of the Syria — Iraq — Iran (and in fact the connection China — middle East) will break, it will simplify the implementation of the project of the great Kurdistan, which is the main goal.

Another important priority for the United States to Turkey did not go to Syria. After all, if Turkey agreed with Russia and Assad, go to Syria, you dream of Kurdistan will go to pieces.

Trump seeks to suppress Iran with the help of Saudi-Israeli coalition, and Turkey, with the help of Barzani and the PKK, which he gives weapons worth billions of dollars.

Since the Clinton — Obama’s support of jihadi-Wahhabi “al-Qaeda”/LIH (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and trump also protects the “moderately Islamist” Sunni “Muslim Brothers”. The problem is that by doing this, trump is faced with great threats emanating from within its system.

The recent crisis over Qatar should be interpreted accordingly. This crisis is not with the convergence of Qatar with Iran and that Qatar, unlike Saudi Arabia and Egypt declined to break ties with “Brothers-Moslems”.

The close cooperation that has recently been observed between Turkey and Qatar, should also be considered in this context.

Because “Muslim brotherhood” remained the last two strongholds, Qatar and Turkey. The original goal in Syria was to overthrow the Baathists Assad and bringing to power “Muslim Brothers”. Failed.

As well as the rule of “Muslim Brothers” in Egypt did not last long.

Strategic U.S. ally and a trump in the region now known: all of the Kurdish separatist movement. A member of the PKK, Mustafa Karasu (Mustafa Karasu) said: “the United States and coalition forces did not wish that Turkey were involved in an operation in raqqa. They would not allow it, due to the strategic value of Raqqa, and also because I saw that Turkey, having influence, will break a lot of games, will create a lot of problems.” The United States, creating Kurdistan and the Sunni Arab States, seek to divide Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon.

Iran is the most powerful and independent country at this stage.

Turkey is also strong, but due to the internal traitors like the terrorist organization of Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen) (FETÖ) / NATO it is still more fragile than than usual.

Attempts to end of the Turkish armed forces, launched in partnership Incirlik — NATO — the Party of justice and development FETÖ and liberals, is not only a revenge for the fiasco with the Memorandum on Iraq in 2003, but part of a long-term plan.

Goal — the creation of puppet States spread throughout the region.

It will block the path of the Eurasian powers, to ensure the security of Israel, to guarantee the preservation of the binding energy pools and trails to the dollar.

But the structural economic crisis of the West, which began in 2008, is now spread to politics, and now very difficult to talk about world leadership, US West.

If the gradual rapprochement of Turkey’s cooperation with Russia will eventually turn into a strategic Alliance with Damascus, Baghdad and Tehran, it will cause a big hit on the US and its “evil triangle” — Saudi-Israeli-British coalition of deep state and its allies.

To avoid this, the USA will go on any crazy. But in vain, because the plane of war and the situation in Syria changed in the direction in which I want an Asian power.

And this time Syria will not be divided into two parts by the example of East and West Berlin. On the contrary, it will remain as a monolith, which would ensure the territorial integrity of all regional countries.