From Kharkov to Lisbon without stopping at the borders: Poroshenko told about his dream

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko hopes that after negotiations with the countries of the “white Schengen” and the accession of several countries to the visa-free regime, Ukrainians will be able to travel without visas in more than a hundred countries.

“Now we have 52 countries, with whom the Ukrainians a visa-free regime with 34 countries now join the visa-free regime. On my behalf, negotiations will be held with countries and white Schengen is about 30 more countries in Central and South America, Asia, the individual countries of Europe,” Poroshenko said on air of ictv TV channel.

Thus, as noted by the head of state, the number of countries to which Ukrainians may travel without visas, will exceed a hundred countries.

He added: “My goal is Ukraine to become a member of the Schengen area to … from Kharkov to Lisbon you can travel without stopping at the borders.”

He expressed confidence that, with effort this can be achieved.