Uber has been a wave of layoffs due to sex harassment

The taxi service Uber has fired more than 20 people according to the results of the investigation of harassment reported by an employee of the company, writes The Wall Street Journal.

According to the publication, the investigation was conducted by the firm Perkins Coie. She investigated 215 complaints, including allegations of harassment and discrimination. In this case, 100 of them had taken any action. However, according to the newspaper, the company was dismissed 20 employees. Uber refused to comment on the information.

The investigation of harassment in Uber began in February. It happened after a former employee of Uber Susan Fowler wrote in his blog post about sexual harassment and instances of sexism faced during the work in the company.

She said that on the first day of work, got indecent proposal from a senior employee. In the personnel Department where she filed a complaint, she refused a trial. They explained that in the proposal the employee obviously sexual harassment, but it is promising, and this is his first offense.

Fowler also noted that other employees of the company told her that similarly faced with sexual harassment and sexism at work.

The head of Uber Travis Kalanick has promised to conduct a thorough investigation on this case and dismiss the perpetrators. After that, the company commissioned an independent analysis of the complaints the former General Prosecutor of the USA Eric Holder