The s-400 under the guise of tomatoes

May 3, 2017… the Plane carrying President Erdogan and his delegation, which was accompanied by F-16 fighter jets as long as not over Turkish airspace, after flying for one hour and twenty minutes, landed in Russia, in Sochi.

This was an important trip. From which I draw this conclusion? Even before President Erdogan flew from Ankara, Russian President Putin made a statement: “In Sochi we will Erdogan take important decisions”.

Later in the day, while the summit Putin — Erdogan continued, we as journalists accompanying erdoğan during this visit, were taken to Sochi airport.

At this time began the press conference by the two leaders. We stood in a ring, similar to what form the players before the match, adjusting to win, and mobile phones, and one of us began to listen to what was said at the press conference.


© RIA Novosti, Alexei Nikolsky | go to Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan

On Putin’s agenda there was only one topic. Tomatoes… All the time was “tomatoes”. It lasted about 15 minutes.

“It may not be the most important decisions taken by Erdogan”, I thought, but aloud I said, “Here something not so. In my opinion, it was another big decision, but that it has not come to the forefront, at the press conference, long said about tomatoes”.

There were those who agreed with this idea.

Meanwhile, we have had other evidence that, in addition to tomatoes, in Sochi discussed other serious issues. The Minister of national defence, chief of staff, head of the National intelligence organization (MIT) were also there.

The statement about the s-400 a month later

The head of the company “rostec”, which we can define as Aselsan (a Turkish military-industrial company — approx. TRANS.) in Russia, Chemezov said: “Turkey and Russia have reached agreement on all technical issues related to the supply of missile systems s-400. Between the Finance ministries of the two countries continued to discuss the financial part.”

When I read this statement, I mentally moved on a month ago in Sochi. The point is that Erdogan and Putin have reached agreement on the issue of s-400, but this was not announced to the public. With what the parties have followed this preference, you can easily imagine, if a little continue reading this article.

First, it should be stressed that Turkey urgently needed air defence system. The expression “urgent need” belongs to the defense Minister Fikri Ishiku (Fikri Işık). Military sources with whom we spoke, too, saying, “We plan PVO naked” and confirm this need. For some time for this purpose, i.e. to strengthen the air defense of Turkey, carried out some work.

You’ll burn yourself on Chinese missiles…

You know how ended the cooperation with China with the aim of producing new air defense system for Turkey.

Conducted in 2013 the tender was won by China, beating as from Europe Eurosam and Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, who participated in the tender joint proposal.

Preferences of Ankara, of course, also has played a role in this decision. But the next day after the results of the tender from the transatlantic front began to increase grumbling. As a result, the November 2015 Ankara postponed the project and production of air defense missiles from China on the back burner. The reason all this came to nothing, could be that the cooperation initiated with China, was conducted in the open.


© AFP 2016, DODВоенно transport aircraft C-17 Globemaster III at Incirlik air base in Turkey

And maybe that’s why there was a preference that is confidential bargaining with the Russians to take action against new noise, which arises from the front of NATO.

And then again, perhaps there might have been a desire to protect the confidentiality of the agreement, which could influence events recently, tomato diplomacy, held in Sochi.

This means a redefinition of relations with NATO

You have to understand that we are talking about a very important topic. For those who do not understand this, I’ll do a reminder.

If you listen to what is being said in Ankara, you may encounter such comments, which bind all that has befallen our country in 2013, with the agreement of rockets of distant radius of action was signed with China, despite Europe and the USA.

What do you say? At least the dates match. In other words, it is obvious that with this process we are faced once it was said: “the Tender was awarded to China.”

And this, of course, creates the need to carefully monitor how promotion agreement with Russian about s-400.

As in the circles that direct the strategy of NATO will be met by the fact that a member of NATO cooperating with Russia in the period of making important military decisions? The question we can ask. But to add to it this thesis.

The fact that the agreement on s-400, on which negotiations are with Russia, comes at a time when the most powerful member of NATO (USA) is supplying heavy weapons to the terrorist organization (the people’s protection Units (YPG)), encroach on the life of another NATO member can not be accidental.

In the history books to be written in the future can enter the following sentence about the present: “the YPG with weapons from the US Turkey said the s-400”.