Qatar started the grocery rush

Residents of Qatar hastily buy food and drinking water on the background of the gap in a number of countries diplomatic relations with the government, says Egyptian news portal “Youm7”.

“Residents rushed to the nearby grocers, shopping, buying milk, water, rice, eggs. Of products the export of whole machines, shelves are empty immediately after the news of the closure of the borders with Saudi Arabia, through which was a large flow of food,” — said eyewitnesses.

According to them, “nothing like here never seen.”

As the channel “al Jazeera”, in the heart of the Saudi-Qatari border already accumulate heavy trucks that cannot enter the territory of Qatar.

We will remind, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE on Monday morning announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Qatar, expulsion of diplomats and ordinary citizens, the termination of transport communication with this country. They were followed by other countries.

The reasons are called “exacerbation of the situation with security and stability,” actions aimed at “support of terrorism, including terrorist groups in Yemen, such as al-Qaeda and “Islamic state”.