Vacation at sea: 10 camps for children in Kherson and Mykolaiv oblasts

The website “Today” has collected for parents information camps in Ukraine where you can not just place children in summer time, but also to teach them something more than a school program. Or just let them relax.

Today we offer the most interesting camp in seaside resorts of the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions.

Active camp


Where: Iron Port, Morskaya street, 1 LITER

For whom: children from 10 to 17.

Active camp is located in zaliznyy Port on the base of sports-rehabilitation center. There are two possible options for children in rooms of apartment type with facilities for three to four rooms and two four bed rooms with facilities in the room. The camp has a children’s play and sports grounds, sports complex, where you can play football, volleyball, basketball. The property features a cinema room and disco. In the camp of sports games, competitions. Active camp your child will learn to assemble and disassemble a tent, make a fire. During the shift, the children will visit the only desert in Europe – the Oleshky Sands, go Hiking to the Salt lake on the Tendra spit and hike to the lakes near the village of Azure. Food a four.

How much is afirst shift 5880 UAH for a room with private facilities on the block, 6440 UAH – for the facilities in the room; the rest of the shift 6160 grn – no amenities in the room and 6860 UAH for room amenities.

When: 05-18.06; 18.06-01.07; 01-14.07; 14-27.07; 27.07-09.08; 09-22.08.2017.

Camp Rock Camp


Where: Skadovsk city, base of rest “Brigantina”

For whom: children ages 9-18.

Camp Rock Camp created especially for children, who can not imagine myself without music. The camp program rock concerts, master classes, shooting. To camp can join as children, who study music and those who have never played instruments and sang. On the first day of Campari will qualify then they will be distributed on age and musical experience. Each day children will be preparing for her performance at the final concert under the supervision of teachers. Also, the guys will shoot their own remake of the trailer of one of the films, the program also sports games and competitions between the participants in the game on the Playstation: Mortal combat, Madden, Fifa. Children will be accommodated in triple and quadruple rooms. Food a four.

How much: 10 900 UAH for 14 days.

When: 13-26.08.2017.



Where: Lviv, street Tsukury.

For whom: children from 8 to 18 years.

The housing camp is located 40 metres from the sea. Boys and girls are accommodated separately in six-person rooms. All doors can be locked. On the floor there is Luggage storage, showers, separate bathrooms. Eating five times a day.

Camp 18 groups and 8 types of team sports games. They are professional instructors. The camp has a media holding company with direct radio, dance and vocal Studio, Billiards, paintball, climbing wall and rope Park in 15 steps. Any child will be able to choose something according to your taste: live radio, participate in creating the camp newspaper or edition, video news, to sing, to dance, to draw, to cook pizza or sushi, sculpt with clay and more. Every day in the camp are vivid and interesting events in the author’s scenarios.

How much is afirst shift – 13064 UAH, the second shift – 20 132 UAH, the third – 20656 UAH, the fourth – 20 UAH 132, the fifth – 14 373 UAH.

When: 01-14.06; 17.06-04.07; 07.07-24.07; 27.07-13.08; 16.08-29.08.

Camp “Primorsky”


Photo: social networks.

Where: s. Schastlivtsevo, Henichesk district, St. Quay, 16

For whom: children from 6 to 16 years.

In the camp talent show, sports competitions, “Neptune Day”, master classes in swimming. Eating five times a day. Children will live in rooms for four or five people. The bathroom on the floor. In the Park there is table tennis, outdoor dance floor, Playground, soccer field, volleyball court.

How much: 7035 UAH 20 days.

When: 03-23.06; 25.06-15.07; 17.07-06.08; 08-28.08.

 Camp “Constellation Taurus”



Where: Skadovsk.

For whom: children from 7 to 18 years.

“Constellation Tavria” is located in the shaded green area on the banks of Dzharylgach Bay, about ten kilometers from the city of Skadovsk. The program of each shift is different. First shift – sport, second vocal, and the third dance, the fourth creative. Children live in the four capital two-storeyed buildings, for 4-5 people in the room, each group (32-40 persons) are situated on the floor. Each squadron’s block of eight rooms, iron, Ironing Board, six toilets and eight sinks. Meals six times.

How much: 8500 UAH for 19 days.

When: 06-24.06; 27.06-15.07; 18.07-05.08; 08.08-26.08.

Profy Camp



Where: S. Sea, Mykolaiv

For whom: children from 6 to 17 years.

In Profy Camp children will learn to sail a catamaran. The program also outputs on a ship at sea, topography – orienteering, working with a compass and a map, sketch diagrams of the map of the specified area. Campari will learn the basics of fencing and martial arts, will overcome water obstacles. In the evening the boys will watch a movie on the big screen and to sing songs under a guitar at a fire. Food a four.

How much: 8600 UAH.

When: 12-26.08

Campground “Kinburn active”


Photo: Kinburn active

Where: Kinburn Spit, Mykolaiv oblast.

For whom: children from eight to 18 years.

The camp program takes place on two principles – “I and society” and “me, my interests and inner world”. Parking is 15 metres from the sea in a pine forest. Children are accommodated in three to five person tents with warm sleeping bags. Parking lot there are toilets, hand washing facilities. Taking a shower at a nearby recreation center. Charging mobile phones is happening every two or three days. In the program of the camp – the passage of obstacles on the road rope, ecological trekking, Safari tour of the kinburnsky spit. Three meals a day.

How much it costs: UAH 2500.

When: 26.06-04.07; 04-14.07; 14-24.07.2017.

The Camp “Cosmos”



Where: Rybakivka, Mykolaiv region.

For whom: children from seven to 17 years.

The camp has a football, volleyball and basketball fields, children Playground, Playground, open area for holding events, amphitheatre, dance floor, cinema room, hall of computer games. In camp circles work: dance, theater, vocal, circle of applied creativity. There are rooms for six to eight people with shared facilities. There are also rooms with partial conveniences for three or four people. The room has a toilet and washbasin, hot shower on the floor. There are also rooms with all amenities for three to four person with shower, TV, air conditioning, safe. Eating five times a day.

How much isa first change room with no amenities – 4329 UAH, with partial conveniences – 4914 UAH, include 6045 UAH. Second-sixth shift – 3330 per room without amenities, 3780 UAH for a room with partial conveniences.

When: 13-26.06; 10-20.07; 20-30.07. 30.07-09.08; 09.08-19.08; 19-29.08.2017.

Where: the Berezansky district, S. Ribakovka, quarter 4.


Camp “Traveler, and environmentalist”



Where: Bugsky Gard, Mykolaiv oblast.

For whom: children from 10 to 18 years.

The camp program Hiking, river descents, the study and application of travel gear. “The traveler-the ecologist” is a children’s camp, a program which aims to join everyone on the tourist trail and contact with nature, people regarded the damages nature as personal pain, as well as at the comprehensive education of the individual. Duration — 10 days. Children live in 3-4 person tents with thick sleeping bags. Parking lot there are toilets, sinks, fire pit gathering spot for the children. Children actively participate in camp life. Three meals a day. The food is prepared on fire.

How much: 1,750 USD.

When: 10-19.06; 20-30.06.2017.

Camp “Salute”



Where: the village of Koblevo, the Resort Ave, 50B/1

For whom: children from 6 to 17 years.

The camp is located in the resort area in Koblevo’s village of the Nikolaev area, on the shore of the Black sea. The program of work of camp involves a set of measures in three areas: sports, educational and entertaining.

The camp operates a medical center, a volleyball court, soccer field, summer Playground, summer concert stage, Billiards, table tennis, summer cinema. On the territory of the “Salute” there are many covered pavilions for rest and organization of activities, leisure and work circles. The rooms shared by four or five people. Each room has a washbasin. All rooms with balconies. In the halls are televisions. Sanitary and shower facilities are located on each floor. In summer a heated shower. Round the clock water supply, hot water is supplied on schedule. Eating five times a day.

How much: 6300 UAH.

When: 01-21.06; 24.06-14.07; 17.07-06.08; 08-28.08.2017.