Stratagem of sowing of carrots: the experts suggest to achieve uniformity with the help of gel and place beacons

Carrots — one of the major crops grown in our gardens. Excellent taste, high vitamin C content, stability, simplicity and storability — it is far not all advantages of this plant. But sowing the seeds of this vegetable, it is very troublesome.

How to make a planting of carrots is easy and hassle-free, “Today” said the experienced woman from Zhitomir Nelly Lupinus and agronomist Marina Yarosh.


Carrots are characterized by small, lugovskoye, rich in essential oils seeds. Untreated carrot seed is extremely difficult to distribute in the furrow so that the intervals between plants in the row was 2-5 cm From the other side — the carrot seed germination is quite low, and rare sowing can lead to the fact that in the garden the empty spaces are formed that will be impossible to fill. And since the carrot culture with a long vegetation period to lose a significant part of the garden for the whole season is very disappointing.

At the same time too dark arisen carrots require considerable thinning, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve the formation of large roots (even if a very good grade). Thinning of shoots is a very time consuming operation, in addition, it happens during the active summer carrot flies. This pest is attracted by the odour of damaged carrot and infects crops (carrot becomes worm-eaten, riddled with black strokes).
Germination of carrot, you can wait for 3-4 weeks even under optimal conditions. Weeding at this time is undesirable as it can damage prokleivayutsya seedlings, and weeds, which is sufficient of moisture and nutrition, can easily drown the young plants. All this time you should keep the soil clean, moist, no soil crust.

In order to sow carrots right, striking the perfect balance between minimal thinning and the completion of a number of used seeders exact sowing, dilution of the seed with a filler such as sand or pelleting of seeds (coating soluble shell, allowing you to distribute the treated seeds one at a time), the distribution of seeds on special yarns and tapes, and a few lesser — known ways-for example, seeding in the gel.


Seeding in the gel to evenly distribute small seeds in the furrow.

“For preparing a gel medium for planting use liquid flour or starch paste. It’s easily prepared, non-toxic, rapidly degraded by bacteria and is harmless to carrot — says Nelly Lupinus. — Flour stirred into cold water, slowly warming capacity. The starch grains swell, absorbing water and forming a gel (after cooling the paste should not be too thick). Give the paste to cool to 30-40 °C, and pour into it the seeds of carrot (2-3 g of seeds in 2 liters of glue on 16-20 linear feet of rows). The paste of seed is poured into a 2-liter plastic bottle, the lid of which a drill or a hot nail make a hole with a diameter of 4 mm. After cooling paste, you can add a small amount of HUMATE or liquid culture of soil microorganisms (preparations “Baikal”, “Biocomplex BTU”, fitosporin)”.

It is best to prepare the gel for 6-8 hours before sowing over this time, the seeds warms up, it rises and will rise more vigorously. Further, the uniform stream is poured the paste into the prepared grooves. Together with the stream of paste is evenly distributed and carrot seeds (gel periodically shaken so that the seeds are not settled). After the grooves close up in the usual way, watering the garden and wait for germination. To bed better get warm and less dry, you can cover agrotextile.

Gel medium can be a flour or starch paste


The problem with weeding is best addressed while they are small, fragile and easily removed from the beds. Unfortunately, weeding may damage the rising seeds. To be able to clear the weeds from the carrot bed prior to germination, you need to somehow mark the rows. It is most convenient to do this using a lighthouse culture. This plant can act early, quickly rising culture with a small eating area and date of harvest in 3-4 weeks.

For example — arugula, lettuce, radishes. The seeds of this subsidiary plants are sown in the same furrow, and seeds of carrots, 10-12, see your Appeared a few days later, the seedlings can accurately weed the aisles without hitting sprouting carrots and slowing the development of weeds.

Beacons mark the rows