Why the United States should recognize the Donbass

Taras Shevchenko… or, some reflections on the quotations of the classics and of righteousness, turned into a poison pill. (Taras Shevchenko — Ukrainian poet and artist, the founder of the modern national literature, a symbol of the country and Ukrainian culture.)

Classics expose the incorrectness of the security services

Old stuff has had its day? Books worn out? Slogans faded? News exhausted? Or is it enough just to shake the dust of them to use next?

Who said that the modern world needs to Shine as “H. D.” to him at least take a look? Already said many times that technical excellence is sometimes detrimental to the contents. Today intelligence agencies bombard us with a mass of wonderful, highly quality “alleged” news, but what they want to say exactly? Do we know? In 1932 in the book “Life begins at 40”, Walter Pitkin, Professor at Columbia University, wrote: “Those who have absolutely nothing to say, work tirelessly to make this “nothing” state with an epic scale again and again until this minor scratch will not turn into a negative quality and quantity…”

The words of Walter Boris Pitkin criticize the American system, which, according to the author, paradoxically prevents people from thinking individually. His statement is very consistent with modern media in cases where the charges are ahead of overwhelming evidence. A quote can disturb advocates of modern trends. But let’s turn our attention to the fact that it is the words of the American, and even lived in 1932. Then the world crisis turning into a world war. Now if world war II is smoldering in Ukraine, then time cycles 1929 — 1939, 2008 — 2018 is not so random. But enough small epic of reasoning and numerology! We turn to the classics…

All supposed to blame the Russian (?)

For example, the mainstream constantly writes that “the Russians did,” and if not “it”, then certainly “that” or “that”… what exactly did Russian — remains irrelevant rhetorical question. The important thing is that they “are” done “that”, “presumably” again, were they — “the Russian”. They are to blame. But if someone dares to doubt it, he needs to prove otherwise. And still, nobody will be interested in: news Pro nature is a hard sell. My words are not so surreal as it may seem at first glance. After all, today you have to prove that the Russians provoked the Second world war. Symbols of the victory over Nazism, which Russian honor, in other countries, for example Ukraine, is now associated with treason.

150 thousand dead and pink tank incognito

We are told that 150 thousand Soviet soldiers killed during the liberation of Czechoslovakia, is an evidence that “these Russians” did not know how to fight. In fact, Prague was liberated by the men in uniform of the Wehrmacht — the so-called Vlasov. This is the modern interpretation of history. It remains only to paint a tank in pink — and ready. (Note: the pink tank playing a political role even without insignia and accessories.) And who wants to paint it back to green, get a fine. What is said to the participants of the Potsdam conference, Mr David Black? The denial of historical characters, I have to stress the historical symbols of victory over Nazism — can easily lead to the negation of anything, for example, of the Holocaust. Maybe that is why until now, David Black didn’t occur to demonstrate the pink tank somewhere in tel Aviv. Perhaps there he for such cynicism took.

Taras Shevchenko wanted to be buried in Ukraine and not in Ukraine

And now let us approach the problem from the other end. What if you try to find a lock and key contemporary issues in the older literature. For example, the modern Ukrainian identity, or rather non-Soviet, which rejected the symbol of victory (desecration of the St. George ribbon), based on the preposition — “in Ukraine”, although in the Soviet Union said “the Ukraine”. But how to explain that in a work of the greatest Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko (1814-1861) we read the following: “I die, bury Ukraine cute. In the middle of the wide steppe dig a grave to lay me on the mound…” it is Clear that trifling pseudomyrmecinae problem with the pretext contributed to the rise in “patriotism”. A few days ago for wearing a St George symbol of victory in world war II (the tape was tied to the car antenna) problems arose among tourists from Moldova. In Odessa the local nationalists made them hounding in the media. The Moldavian had to come to terms with the fact that they punctured the tires. And again, the media wrote that the Moldovan tourists — the official Kremlin puppet.

Why the United States should recognize the Donbass?

Before the millionth time you start to analyze who is right in the dispute over Ukraine, remember American author, whose books are still popular in the Czech Republic and sell well. Talking about Napoleon hill (1883-1970), the author of the bestseller “Think and grow rich”. It is interesting supplements thought U. B. Pitkin, and while each of them moves in his direction, both claim that each person (the people) need to know exactly what he wants. A good system is one in which no one is being prevented from being happy and which is based on civilization and humanism. Hill quoted Thomas Jefferson (in the eighth Chapter “the Determination (to win over the procrastination) — the seventh step to riches, the so-called decision that changed the course of history”). The author of this article believes that the United States and critics of Russia (three in the Normandy format) need to look in the book of 1937 hill (“Think and grow rich”) and read: “this decision was born the people (USA), which once and for all showed the mankind the way to a free decision.”

4. 7. 1776 Thomas Jefferson: “When in the course of human history for one people, it is necessary to dissolve the political ties connecting it with other people, and to occupy among the Nations of the world separate and independent position to which he is entitled according to the laws of nature and its Creator, respect for the opinions of mankind requires him to state the causes which impel him to the separation.”

The East of Ukraine outlined his reasons in a referendum in 2014. Remember, as sung in the movie “Old hops”? “Let dogmatist says anything, his opinion is not good, and only good discussion might have something to fix, something to fix. We ask the dads in this room to wait for the discussion, and yet to hold his tongue, as they often do…”

The author, philologist, linguist and essayist