“The forest in the smartphone”: now every Ukrainian can determine is it legal to cut down trees

Foresters have developed a mobile application, which is trying to resist black lumberjacks

Now every Ukrainian can check is it legal to cut down trees in the forest, in which he found himself, and to oppose black loggers. This can be done in the mobile app, which has been developed by foresters.

News team “Today” together with foresters sent to RAID one of the forest districts of Cherkasy region . Five minutes and find a small cutting. Loggers and equipment in place no, only neatly stacked logs. With tags notes warden:

“You can check grade, length, diameter pads, that is, the legitimacy of the adopted wood”.

If logs are not marked, you should look for next special column.

“In this case there is a block, and the selection and felling, it is continuous cutting. And the area of the deckhouse,” says Forester.