Time escape in Libya!

Don’t believe Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi when he said that the reason for the strikes on two Libyan cities of Derna and the Hun, was the bus explosion in the city of Minya, carrying a group of Christians to the monastery.

After the coup Al-Sisi is only thinking how to escape abroad from all the misery and suffering taking place inside the country. Indeed, the difference between him and Gamal Abdel Nasser, as between the “sky to earth”, and from the point of view of ability, and efficiency, and orientations. However, Al-Sisi always refers to his experience in order to imitate him, though everything turns chaotic and off the cuff. This is the difference between “image” and “original”.

Al-Sisi is imitating Nasser in the issue of hostility to the freedom of the press and media. He is looking to cover up their desire for “national motives”.

Abdel Nasser fled to Yemen because of the war is an opportunity for oppressive regimes to force the opposition to remain silent. No one voice is louder than the ringing of the battle, and, therefore, inappropriate to speak of the failure and disability of the ruler when the soldiers howling for life and death on foreign fronts, and the winner is both defeated.


© AP Photo, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser in Cairo. 1956

The experience of Abdel Nasser in Yemen cannot be called attractive, because he has contributed to the deterioration of his reputation. The Egyptians insisted that their army was no of the enemy, but not the other, then began to squander their strength in the “Mountain war” (one of the conflicts in 1983-1984 year civil war in Lebanon — approx. ed.), all this has become one of the causes that led to the defeat in the war in June 1967.

The war in Yemen is a black spot in the history of the reign of Abdel Nasser. Nobody has the right to protect him, including even his supporters. You cannot emulate this bitter experience. However, what do we do? Wannabe sees only war with a foreign state, a safe haven for himself and an escape from the terrible conditions inside the country. In addition, he sought to hire the Egyptian army to fight in the war, however, Egypt due to the complete lack of confidence in Al-Sisi and his aspirations, has not fully involved, using military forces as it was intended. Given that Al-Sisi is easily sent troops to Yemen, you can be sure that a person can sell the security of the entire Persian Gulf to those who pay, no matter whether it’s Iran or the Houthis.

The Libyan events are for Al-Sisi excellent alternative. He has a moral justification to commit escape in Libya, because the danger is coming to Egypt by ISIS (banned in Russia. — approx. ed) operating in Libya. This was a new opening for Al-Sisi after he not removed the ban on rice export to friendly countries of the Gulf (for the first time a ban on export of rice was introduced by Egypt in 2008, in the framework of the policy of protectionism that gave rise to large-scale smuggling of Egyptian high quality rice to many countries in the Middle East and North Africa — approx. ed.) and stopped the Libyan petrol, on which the President of Egypt, “saliva”.

In addition, there is another motive — a proxy war. The UAE authorities are taking a revolutionary leader field Marshal the Haftarot, and I support his aspirations in the region because it is representative of the old regime, which worked to the benefit of the UAE and the implementation of their monetary schemes. Al-Sisi sees and understands that his task is to strengthen the position of the Haftarot, even if I have to sacrifice the Libyan people!…

From the beginning, Al-Sisi is trying to wriggle out and find a hiding place and an excuse to escape to Libya, because he is a copycat who lacks abilities. In addition, he understood that able to silence the Egyptians, complaining of poverty and rejecting his plans, which fully meets the interests of Israel and runs counter to the security of the people of Egypt. He is willing to give up the historical share of Egypt in Nile river, to waste the national territory, to renounce the Islands of Tiran and Sanafir in favor of Saudi Arabia, and also from anything that would benefit Israel and Saudi Arabia, considering it a sign of love to Muhammad Ibn Salman.

The first pretext was the murder of Egyptian Christians in Libya by the hands of followers of the group “al-Qaeda”. Al-Sisi threatened to give response to these actions by starting a scheduled war. However, he received several warnings from the international community and retreated.

Then there was an explosion of a passenger bus carrying a group of Christians. Were talking about a special SUV that was used to transport and maneuverability criminals. When I mentioned this type of transport, Al-Sisi stated, these trucks are only used on rough terrain and in the mountains. The first mention of the SUV was connected with the assault of prisoners, when it was decided to suspend the prosecution in the case of Hamas.

This time the mention of this kind of vehicles come from Libya. ISIS was usually ready to take responsibility for the incident event and not require any additional parts to support its involvement. It should be noted that, despite the fact that Al-Sisi has blocked more than 25 websites, including Egypt, where hundreds of journalists are working under the pretext of combating terrorism, resource, prescribed ISIL still remains in the public domain.

Authorities failed to find those responsible for the accident with the bus in El-Minya. The identity of the perpetrator of this criminal act is not established. However, the authorities have learned to read tea leaves and beat arrived from Libya, as well as to prosecute persons who protect the country’s borders. How they got from here to El-Minya to security without being arrested? Why the army left their initial duty and walks down the street, playing the role of the police, and forgetting that its function is to protect the borders?

Al-Sisi has decided to strike back and staged the bombing of the city of Derna. Mourners laughed at the fact that he did. Militants “Islamic state” left the city, however, these strikes were undertaken not in order to combat terrorism and to strengthen the position of Haftarot and improve its relations with the Egyptian army. Derna is a stronghold and a stronghold of the opposition Haftarot, which tries to capture everything that is possible in Libya.


© AP Photo Mohamed Abd El Moatey, Egyptian Presidency via AP, FileПрезидент of Egypt Abdul Fatah Khalil Al-Sisi and Saudi Arabia’s king Salman in Cairo

Without stopping the bombardment of Derna, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi without any reasons began to bomb the city of Hun. However, this is a proxy war involving the Egyptian army, and opening the door for Egypt after the Gulf States slammed them. And if the chance of getting money from the export of rice himself comes into the hands of Al-Sisi, then no one can follow him and repeat his actions.

This war began with Al-Sisi, and will end only after restoring the international order. The number of Egyptians working in Libya, estimated at three million people, but they can become prisoners in this country because of the crazy military whims and consolidate power. Al-Sisi lost yourself when you got involved in the war for the colonization of the region.

Escape to Libya did not bring Al-Sisi, though, because his personality is not popular in this country, but he has no choice but to flee to his last refuge. While there, he might be able to find someone who will be merciful to him, and will speak about the dead either good or nothing.

Al-Sisi has become a threat to Egypt’s national security, and every hour that he remains in power is another injury and trauma for the country, its opportunities and people.

So reset it to the pinnacle of power, but if you don’t do this, it will destroy the whole country.