The results of the elections in Britain can give Mei a nasty surprise

The conservative party of great Britain, headed by the Prime Minister and Theresa may, runs the risk of losing an absolute majority of seats in Parliament after the national elections.
About it reports The Times, citing the polling company YouGov, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

The results showed that the conservatives could lose 20 seats out of 330 who they have now, however, the opposition labour party could get about 30 seats.
If these projections are correct, then the conservatives is not enough for 16 seats for the General majority, which must consist of a minimum of 326 MPs. In this case, will have to unite with other parties.

in parentheses indicate the number of seats in Parliament each party today

Early parliamentary elections in the UK will be on June 8th. After determining their results, finally, should begin the process of negotiating the country’s withdrawal from the EU.