The 10 rules of modern etiquette that every woman should know

1. As a woman well and nice to sit in the car

Good manners give a clear prescription: knees should be closed during the entire process. The man opens the door, you turn to a car back, drop the ass on the seat, and then rotated, moving both legs at the salon.

2. What to do with the wet umbrella inside

Never put the umbrella out to dry in the clear. Believe me, nothing in it will rust if left on a hanger or in a special stand.

3. Who pays the restaurant

If the lady invites a colleague or partner in the restaurant, she pays. If friends offer “But let’s go to cafe” – each pays for itself. If a man offered a woman to pay for her expense – she might.

4. On what seat to sit in a taxi

The “honored” seat of the taxi is behind the driver. First- it is the most safe in case of an accident, and secondly- so the driver can open the door for you and shake hands.

5. Where to put the bag in the restaurant

For different bags, there are different rules. So, small handbag, purse or clutch can be placed next to a straight on the table. The bag over the shoulder can hang on the back of a chair. The portfolio should be put only on the floor.

6. As accessories to wear

Remember the “rule of 13 items”: at the same time a girl can’t wear more than 13 accessories, which include decorative buttons, and eye-catching decorative elements on clothing.

7. How to get to his place in the movie or the theater

Work your way through the ranks only to face other spectators. Even if the buttocks are the subject of your pride.

8. What are some topics better not to share with strangers

Keep secret: your age, income level, family relationships, love Affairs, religious beliefs, disease, pride and bad deeds. Reputation is everything.

9. Rules of greeting

Hand in the following order: senior, and reach the younger, female – male, married woman first takes the hand of an unmarried, head first reaches out to a subordinate.

10. Walk in, walk out of the doors right

This rule is appropriate for Elevator, office, supermarket, etc.: in the door of any public premises passed coming inbound.