Scientists have figured out what the weather is like sleep difficult

The increase in air temperature at night affects the quality of sleep by shortening it. This writes Eurekalert! with reference to the University of California, San Diego (USA).

In the study, which lasted for nine years, took part 765 million Americans. The scientists compared data of people about sleepless nights with observations of the temperature of the air provided by the National environmental information centre.

According to an employee of the University of California at San Diego nick Obradovic, an abnormal rise in night temperature by just one degree Celsius causes a month for every 100 people there are three sleepless nights.

If you imagine that “jump” in temperature will be observed daily for months, then we can talk already about nine millions of nights with insufficient sleep during the same period. Scientists estimate that if this goes on, then by 2050 “alarming” figures may grow twice.

And with the age dependence of sleep from air temperature increases. So, people aged 65 years and older two times suffer more from sleep problems than the young.

“The negative effect of warm nights is often obviously observed in the summer. It can be assumed that in warmer climates people suffer more from sleep problems. Whether this will be known after some additional research,” the scientist said Nick Obradovic.

Experts remind that insufficient sleep makes a person more susceptible to diseases and negatively affects the psychological state. The main symptoms of lack of sleep, bad mood, lethargy, anxiety.

Previously , scientists have found that long sleep is injurious to health.