Ukraine wants to partially restrict bezviz with Belarus

The government explained what is connected is the solution

The Cabinet of Ministers at its meeting today will consider a draft resolution on the partial suspension of the Agreement between Ukraine and Belarus on visa-free trips of citizens. This is stated in the agenda of the meeting.

So, according to the agreement of 2009, Ukrainians had the right to travel to Belarus, internal passports of the citizen of Ukraine. Now I want to cancel the entry to Belarus with an ordinary passport on 1 September, but to move from there to the territory of Ukraine will be possible with the usual passport.

The government believes that a normal passport low level of protection and increased the number of forgeries of the document. A fake passport can use for traveling to Belarus to commit criminal acts (or the offender). Also the absence in the passport of Ukrainians of information on the English language makes it impossible to read the data to check against databases of Interpol. The passport will speed up the pass at the border.

Recall that, in 2016, the Ukrainians had problems with the Belarusian border – Belarus refused to let the Ukrainians for new passports. There, I noted that the ID card is not provided as a document for crossing the Belarusian state border.

The website “Today” I understood why Belarus didn’t let the Ukrainians with biometric passports. It is worth noting that in contrast to the “old books”, ID-a passport with both sides protected by a triple level of protection.