Trump is subjected to harsh criticism after the NATO summit. This is a win for Putin

BRUSSELS/NEW YORK/OSLO — Donald trump scolded the allies and still not said that he supports collective guarantee of the Alliance to protect each other.


The allies of the United States hate to see that Trump seems much more comfortable with authoritarian leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Filipino Eduardo Duterte than with the leaders of the European NATO countries.

This opinion is by Ian Bremmer (Ian Bremmer), who heads an Advisory company Eurasia Group.

“Putin pleased with everything sow discord between the United States and its allies,” the NATO summit. This is a victory for Pudingovoyi it in an interview with Aftenposten.

Senior analyst Jorge Benitez (Jorge Benitez) from the analytical center Atlantic Council shares this view. In Foreign Policy magazine he characterizes the behavior of trump at the NATO summit as “a clear victory for Putin”.

“This only further strengthens the doubts and the fear that the allies experienced before,” he says.

Meeting in Brussels on Thursday was the first meeting between the tramp and other leaders of the Alliance.

On the way to the summit, trump said a small speech to the fragment of the world trade center Towers in new York city — monument to the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Many had hoped that the trump openly declare their support of the fifth article of the Atlantic Pact, which States that an attack on one NATO country will be regarded as an attack on all. The article was involved only once- just after the September 11 attacks.

Chastised NATO countries for what they don’t pay

Instead trump made a pretty harsh speech in which he threatened attacks on other allies and to the fact that only 5 of the 28 countries perform the task: to be used for defense 2% of GDP.

“Many countries owe huge amounts before,” said trump.

He described the “two-percent target” as the “absolute minimum” of what is needed.

“Even 2% is not enough to give an answer to today’s very real and formidable threat,” said trump.

Control immigration

Trump also urged the military Alliance to play a more active role in immigration control.

“In our country penetrate thousands and thousands of people and spreading everywhere. In many cases we have no idea about who they are. We must be decisive, strong and vigilant. In the future, NATO must focus on terrorism and immigration, as well as the threats from Russia.”

Thomas Wright (Thomas Wright), a political analyst from the analytical center of the Brookings Institution, said the “shocking and devastating” that trump did not mention about the fifth article. He also thinks that Putin is going to bring joy.

“Dangerous consequences”

In an editorial in The Washington Post writes that “foreign trip trump will have dangerous consequences. And they have become manifest”.

According to the newspaper, the fact that trump has promised U.S. allies in the Arab world that the United States will not learn their human rights, it is surprising contrasts with his harsh criticism of the European allies of the United States.

The New York Times writes that trump, apparently, looks at NATO as to the net balance of costs and benefits, and not as a critical Alliance, “which helped to keep the peace for 70 years and whose value cannot be measured in dollars and cents”.

The lead article of the newspaper says in this regard “that trump repeatedly attacked the NATO attacks, not only humiliating, but painful”.

The Wall Street Journal, by contrast, takes the tramp under protection. In my sarcasm filled editorial in the conservative newspaper writes that the criticism due to the fact that the President did not Express a clear enthusiasm for the articles fifth, exaggerated.

“To insinuate without any evidence that the United States will not fulfill its obligations related to NATO, just for the benefit of Vladimir Putin. This either stifles the sprouts of trust between allies, or is done in order to expose the trump in a bad light,” the newspaper said.


Bremmer believes that actions trump will lead to the fact that Europe will begin to distance themselves from the Americans.

“There will be changes: actions will be coordinated only with respect to European security, U.S. coordination will be less,” he says in an interview with The Washington Post.

From the time after world war II, the axis from the USA and across the Atlantic was the core of security policy in democratic countries of Western Europe.

At a press conference at the summit on Thursday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was bombarded with questions. However, he believes that there is no doubt that the US retains a commitment to NATO.

“Trump has repeatedly stressed that the US has commitments to NATO. It is impossible to have commitment to NATO, and not to have them in relation to the fifth article, because NATO is primarily a collective defence”, — said Stoltenberg.