Ukrainians waiting for a sudden change in the weather: weather forecasts for a week

Over the weekend of the Ukrainians will be warming up to 24 degrees Celsius, the exception will be the West of the country – there will be thunderstorms and temperature will fluctuate in the range of 12-14 degrees. Next week, as reported in Ukrhidroenerho, the day temperature in the South will rise to 27 degrees Celsius. The website “Today” found out what weather to expect Ukrainians in the next few days.

The weather forecast for a week

At the weekend the Ukrainians waiting for the warming in all areas except Western regions. For example, in Lviv in the afternoon air will get warm only to 12-14 degrees above zero, in the Ternopil region the temperature will fluctuate in the range of 16-18 degrees. In addition, in the West are expected thunderstorms.

The rest of the – partly cloudy. In the South, Central, North and East the temperature will rise to 24 degrees Celsius.

Weather forecast for April 29. Photo: Ukrgidromet

Sunday in the South is expected to significantly warming. Thus, in Kherson oblast the temperature will rise to 27 degrees above zero. In the Central regions of Ukraine the temperature will rise to 23-25 degrees North to 23, and the East – to 24 degrees Celsius. It is expected to partly cloudy.

In Kiev and in the West of the country are expected thunderstorms. In the capital the air warms up to 23 degrees, while in Western regions the temperature will rise up to 13-15 degrees above zero.

Weather forecast for April 30. Photo: Ukrgidromet

The first of may, the weather in Ukraine will not change. So, in the North, centre and East the temperature will rise to 23-25 degrees above zero. In the South will warm up to 27 degrees. In the Western regions and in Kiev last thunderstorms. While in Kiev, the temperature will range from 21 to 23 degrees, and in the West a column of termometre will fluctuate in limit from 13 to 16 degrees.

The weather forecast for 1 may. Photo: Ukrgidromet

The second of may thunderstorms will take place in Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Ternopil, Chernivtsi regions. The rest of the territory of Ukraine is expected to partly cloudy. The West will warm up to 19-21 degrees. In the South, the North, the centre and East the temperature will fluctuate in the range of 23-25 degrees above zero.

National weather forecast

29 April is the commemoration day of the Holy martyrs Irene, agapie and Khionia, informs a portal “Weatherman”. The people called Saint Irene “Rasraj coast” because when spring runoff water are the cliffs of river banks, landslides. Hollow water washes away the shore. Also Saint Irene called Russianize and on this day sowed the cabbage on the breeding grounds. Our ancestors noticed: “If the ravines will play and freeze again – expect the interference to the harvest”.

The first of may is celebrated the day of St. Cosmas, Bishop of Chalcedon. From that day it is possible to plant different vegetables. In the old days on this occasion said: “This carrot and beet Kuzma”. In former times it was thought that if early may is warm, then at the end will necessarily be cold, and Vice versa. This time, early thunderstorms. In early may, flowering elm, gooseberry, green black currant.

The second of may is revered the memory of the monk John Othopaedics, the people of this Saint was called Ivan the Warrior, and believed in him as the deliverer from thieves. On this day it was customary to prepare on the ground the canvas, put the pies. Thus our ancestors were treated to the spring to give a good harvest. At this time, flowering elderberry, yellow acacia, field maple, aspen.

The third of may is the day of memory of Theodore Trichina. Since ancient times there is a tradition on this day to commemorate their dead relatives and visit the cemetery. Watching the weather, our ancestors noticed that the rain on this day is always a harbinger of good harvest.