Trump is considering the reorganization of the White house amid scandal over his ties with Russia

In an attempt to stop the escalation of the crisis over ties with Russia, the President of trump and his advisers are considering the possibility to reorganize the administration and to create inside the White house “operational headquarters”, as reported by several assistants trump.

After his return from a 10-day foreign visit on Saturday, may 27, the President of trump and his aides are planning a much more aggressive fight against the ongoing leaks and criticism of the current administration in connection with the contacts of trump’s associates, including his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner (Jared Kushner), Russia.

White house officials are also trying to find ways to convince Congress to review proposals made by the administration of the tramp, and in General to change the nature of communication of the White house with the public.

Among these measures we can highlight the proposal to travel more around the country and hold rallies to trump was able to appeal to his supporters directly, as well as a proposal to change the frequency and nature of press conferences and may even reduce the role of the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer (Sean Spicer) who find themselves in a rather difficult position.

Although no accurate information yet to implement these plans might be attracted some members of the electoral headquarters of the trump, including the former campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski (Corey Lewandowski), who was fired about a year ago, and David Bossi (David N. Bossie), who was Deputy Manager of the company and made a name for himself in politics at the expense of the investigation against bill and Hillary Clinton. They both participate in discussions about how to create an operational headquarters. Chief strategist Steven Bannon (Stephen K. Bannon) also takes an active part in these discussions.

Other supporters of trump, who for the past few months, a few moved away from him — including Sam Nunberg (Sam Nunberg) — also received an invitation to play a more active role, either formally joining the White house, or acting on a freelance basis through confidants of the President.

According to two officials familiar with the content of these discussions, the associates of trump can often hear the quote from the movie “the Godfather”: “we Declare war”.

According to three consultants of the Republican party, of cooperating with the White house, counselor to the President of Kellian Conway (Kellyanne Conway) is also negotiated, including with influential supporters trump outside of Washington and on Capitol hill, and contacted the people who had assisted in the election campaign trump, urging them to more actively support the President.

Meanwhile, legal adviser to the White house Donald Boston (Donald McGahn) is considering to expand its team, and a group of lawyers, headed by mark Kasowitz (Marc E. Kasowitz) is preparing to meet with trump to advise him, including the question of whether or not he continue to comment on the news about the Russian investigation on Twitter.

According to one source, Kouchner has played an active role in attempts to rethink and rebuild the Department of public relations, to improve the work of the White house in the field of public relations and to create a special team that will respond to the avalanche of negative articles and news relating to the Russian FBI investigation.

“It all comes down to the fact that they need new people, more new people. They are now involved in full-scale war and they have few employees,” said Barry Bennett (Barry Bennett), who held the position of Advisor to trump on political issues during the elections.

Yet in recent days, trump has taken part in meetings with world leaders, his aides, including’bannon, Kouchner, and the head of the administration of the Raines of Primus (Reince Priebus), met at the White house to discuss possible changes.

The role of Kouchner has evolved in a rather delicate subject for discussion inside the White house, since it now turned out to be the center of attention of the FBI involved in the investigation of Russian interference in presidential elections.

On Friday, may 26, edition of the Washington Post reported that Kouchner and Russian Ambassador to the U.S. discussed the possibility of creating a secret channel of communication between the transition team of trump and the Kremlin using the Russian diplomatic resources to hide these discussions from the public.

Some White house officials carefully discuss among themselves the question of what might the role of Kouchner should be reduced or he even should resign — at least until the moment when scandals over ties with Russia blows over. However, they do not want to discuss this question with himself Kouchner, the more that supporters of Kouchner in the West wing came to his defense.

According to associates of Kouchner, he doesn’t want to take on a minor role, while gaining the power of scandal had already begun to tire him.

In the last few weeks the White house has become as representative Josh Raffel (Josh Raffel), to handle the Affairs Kouchner. Raffel works in one of the rooms in the West wing of the White house, although he also has his office in the building of Executive governance.

Over lunch on Friday, may 26, Kushner and Primus obsujdali overseas trip trump and began to compile the program in the next few weeks. In the office this morning Kouchner they discussed briefly the message about the relationship of Kushner and Russia.

The President’s lawyers urged him not to publish aggressive tweets and make informal comments about the Russian investigation, explaining that such statements can further to hurt him, since it seemed that he was trying to hinder the investigation.

Some associates trump said that now there is talk about how to send Primus to Greece as Ambassador of the United States — his mother was of Greek origin — which would remove him from the White house and at the same time to save face. On Saturday, may 27, a spokeswoman for the White house has denied this information.

The President has already expressed his displeasure publicly and privately — the work of his team of public relations.

Although no final decisions have been taken, one of the options being discussed involves the displacement of Spicer — which is parodied in the program Saturday Night Live on NBC — on a less visible position and rejection of his daily briefings.

Communication with the media in the press room will likely be charged the current first Deputy press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee-Sanders (Sarah Huckabee Sanders). This changes the approach to the briefings: even if all questions are answered, one lead, in the future this responsibility will be assigned to the group of successive assistants, which may include current assistant for national security Herbert McMaster. This division of responsibilities will not give Trump the opportunity to get tired or angry on a particular team member.

The white house is already testing this strategy, sending a Spicer in the press room along with the other members of team of public relations: for example, when it comes to matters related to the budget for Spicer is joined by the Director of the office of management and budget malvani of Mick (Mick Mulvaney), and in matters of national security, it helps McMaster.

Regarding foreign travel trump Spicer held only one briefing an informal meeting with a small group of journalists. The rest of the time he played the role rather of stewards, representing other senior administration officials for more formal briefings.

© AFP 2017, Jim WatsonАкция protest in front of the White house in Washington

On Saturday, may 27, a press conference on the results of the group of seven summit in Taormina, Italy, held by the Director of the National economic Council Gary Con (Gary Cohn), and McMaster. Spicer presented them, and then walked to the corner of the room, he watched as McMaster and monitoring to answer questions of journalists.

This episode underscores how difficult to promote a program of trump now, when the main news are when associates trump with Russia. This press conference was quite tense after the McMaster asked a few questions regarding the activities of Kouchner.

The expected changes and changes in the White house happen in the key for the President of the trump moment: his approval rating continues to fall, while he tries to make progress in the implementation of some election promises — including promises to reform the health sector and the tax system — before leaving Congress for the holidays in August.

On Saturday, may 27, one of the representatives of the White house announced that trump wants to propose to the Congress for consideration several of these bills, which he can quickly approve.

This source, who asked to keep his name a secret, said that these bills will include immigration and infrastructure initiatives that most Republicans support.

“They want progress on the issues affecting the number of jobs,’ said one adviser to trump. — If by the summer White house and Congress will have nothing to boast of, members of Congress will return after their August holidays in the panic.”

In discussions about the creation of the operational staff most often discussed is the model that prevailed during the reign of President bill Clinton to minimize the effects of the Monica Lewinsky scandal and other crises. Clinton has assembled a team of lawyers, policy advisers and experts in the field of public relations, which was to take on functions that go beyond the usual work of the White house that the White house could freely carry out their work in normal mode.

According to advisers and supporters trump, now they realize that unflattering stories about Russia will remain an integral part of the daily discussions, and recognize that the White house was unprepared to counter them.

Christopher Ruddy (Christopher Ruddy), a longtime friend of trump, believes that the White house was caught off guard many news about Russia.

“Because they believe that these stories are unsubstantiated, they are trying to win, demonstrating his version of events”, — he said.

“At first, I thought the President too much irritated because of all this, he continued Ruddy, who was the head of Newsmax Media and a member of the Club Mar-a-Lago in palm beach. But it all grows like a snowball, despite the absurdity of these stories.”

“The state government and many media outlets will never give up,” added Jason Miller (Jason Miller), who was responsible for public relations in the campaign headquarters trump and still retains close ties with the White house. However, that he held any official position, it is not.

The white house also urged the national Committee of the Republican party to more actively speak out in defense of the President.

Family members trump, unrelated to the White house, is also struggling to help him.

Thursday, may 25, Donald trump Jr., Eric trump (Trump Eric) and wife Eric trump Lara (Lara Trump) took part in a two-hour meeting with members of the national Committee of the Republican party, which was held in Washington, as reported by sources, who asked to keep their names secret.

The representative of the Committee Ryan Mahoney (Ryan Mahoney) refused to give details of this meeting, however, added that the Committee will more actively support trump.

“The role of the national Committee of the Republican party is to support the President — said Mahoney. We strive to create as many informative materials to efficiently and rapidly support and defend this administration. This is our main priority.”

According to associates of trump, his position can be strengthened by increasing the number of performances across the country.

Some advisors are urging trump to hold as many meetings in the spirit of the campaign, similar to the rally, which was scheduled for Thursday in cedar rapids, Iowa. Hosting this meeting was postponed, but it will still take place.

According to the Cabinet, if trump will speak to his supporters, especially in States where he won last year, it will help him gain new strength and start to communicate with voters without the media as middlemen.

“Traditional methods of communication do not work in their case,” said one adviser, adding that Trump should consider holding sessions on Facebook and personally contact people as often as possible.

“We need to resurrect the spirit of the campaign”, he added.

Several councilors trump referred to a recent interview with trump, which he gave to Lester Holt (Lester Holt) in which he stated that he decided to dismiss the Director of the FBI James Comey (James B. Comey). They noted that such further should be avoided.

“I hope he will be more travel around the country and to address the nation about once a week, noted Bennett. — So he can say what he wants to say and he will not have to answer questions”.

Now that the White house is trying to strengthen its position, some of its officials who displeased trump, again got a chance to get back to work.

Lewandowski, who was fired from his office due to serious clashes with Kouchner and the President’s daughter Ivanka trump (Ivanka Trump), can bring many benefits — from within the administration or acting outside it — in this scandal ties with Russia.

Nanberg, who was fired from the campaign headquarters trump in 2015 and who has since had a negative attitude towards Lewandowski, now works together with Ruddy. Recently, during a Breakfast with Ruddy, Lewandowski and Alexandra prit (Alexandra Preate), ally’bannon, the trio discussed the issue of whether Lewandowki and Nanberg to put aside their differences and work together to support trump.

According to advisers of trump, they are satisfied with the content and results of the nine-day foreign trip trump as President, and they hope that it will serve as a stimulus for the implementation of the trump in the United States.

“He had the chance to look like to look like a President, and change the image that imposes on us television, said Timothy Naftali (Timothy Naftali), the historian from new York University. — However, to manage the news in the United States is much more difficult than abroad… The trouble that visited him when he left US, has not disappeared. Now they have become even stronger.”