Horoscope for may 28-June 3: the Twins need to find your soul mate, and the Archers began to annoy the boss

ARIES. If you sit in one place is boring, travel is life-giving tonic, a chance for spiritual enrichment, emotional upheaval, and romantic adventures. To resist your charm impossible! But to walk “the left” should not, have fun together, showing the pattern of a devotee partner. Your Union is blessed, the faithful implementation of duty — Holy.

Avoid eccentricity, discipline yourself, be organized, punctual, never be late. The instructions of immediate superiors, the comments and advice of colleagues, assistants is extremely valuable and to ignore them is impossible.

The crisis continues in his career, don’t despair, it’s time to harmonize relations with the chief, to enlist the support of influential people, friends, having used his charm, ingenuity.

Try to do what you love is the path to success.

On may 30-31 the most fruitful time.

TAURUS. Axis “want-should” the most intense, achieving a balance between desires and possibilities difficult. Personal but thanks to the altruistic efforts of all fixable, your sacrifices will pay off. Any restrictions (and career too), the losses have a karmic cause. Withdrawn tested programs. If something is not given, should not be required. Endured. The ice will begin to move after may 29.

Master the related professions, to equip the family nest, here in the nearest half a year it is necessary to invest essential resources to lay a solid Foundation for 18.5 years. Happy chances will come through household.

In the sphere of love “reloaded”, where the pliability of the pious, liking the compromise of interests is a lucky ticket to the future.

GEMINI. You have a powerful energy potential, able to move mountains, if rallied under the banners of allies and supporters. However, there is confrontation, therefore, tolerant to the faults of others, avoid dictatorship, fulfilling the mission of a peacemaker.

Now your appearance (demeanor, closet) is a projection of the inner world (with a variety of tastes, preferences) and serves as a test of spiritual maturity.

Crucial task in the near future — to find your soul mate. Look, it is close: among friends, neighbors, casual acquaintances, in a business environment. Closely communicate with siblings. To suffer an orphan alone is prohibited.

Married couples, despite the differences, samantaray brotherly affection, liking, and worldviews. The ability to truly love will contribute to your evolution.

CANCERS. Hide, good-neighborly relations with the surrounding crisis. Properly organize your time, live for the sound graphics, every moment should bring practical results. The hidden (and diseases too) don’t advertise, and do great things in secret, and do not dare anyone to do harm. Aid sent to everyone who avoids the public notoriety, repents of sin, taking care of family.

Intensified serious illness — it is a payment for past mistakes. Do atoning sacrifice through charity.

If you are a secret war with marriage partners here, there is no winner. While that “draw”.

Professionals, businessmen who love their work, conscientiously perform job duties, able to keep pace with progress, the career will not suffer.

LIONS. Choices ready to you the stars from the sky, do not surrender their expectations. Be faithful loving partners and trusted friends, then your unbreakable spiritual Union will receive a new breath. Forget about problems in marriage begins a new era, where you run the show. It is desirable to curb the possessiveness, not to live on cold calculation, generosity of heart and purse will strengthen relationships and detonate the satellites of the same features.

Now you are role models, looking under the microscope the flaws, therefore do not relax, perfection of behavior —the key to prosperity on all fronts.

May 30-31 — days of great luck.

VIRGO. The atmosphere is very electric. Obsessed career laurels faces a fiasco. In the relationship “boss-subordinate”, “parents-children” painful “reset” relax and don’t Prov like a tank, forward, the pace is devastating. Diplomacy, a cool head and practical approach is the key to solving difficult problems. Balance “want” and “need”.

Do good, give alms to the needy. Maintain with care the fire in the family hearth, here (lingering curse) your help friends need, like air, is a reckoning with the karmic debt of all Kinds. There the roots of unhappiness in his personal life. Dig into the past of their ancestors, this information will shed light on obscure problems.

1-2 June days of transformation, not commit follies.

LIBRA. If you have problems with public vanity, try to hide in a psychological “shell”, its armor — superior protection from the Intrusive prying of emotions. The scope of training, graduation, journalism, cooperation with foreign countries — the most dynamic. To someone else’s prompting listen, there’s a grain of truth, and to exercise his discretion in ignoring foreign opinion is to dig yourself a hole. Avoid moralizing, personal dogma is outdated, it’s second-hand impeding progressive development.

You must have a decent advanced friends and allies (in the marriage), which have a crucial role. Trust their advice.

Favorable days: may 30-31, June 3.

SCORPIONS. Look at the situation from the height of the global Outlook, obsession with minutia and details of knock with the right benchmarks, skip over a fly of an elephant. If there is a specific goal, yourself, are not achieved only with the support of partners. Their needs, desires is a dominant arm, you can not cope under force. Crossed swords of interests risk being left with nothing.

Harness the ambition and wait till the end of may.

The service work with enthusiasm, demonstrate creative ingenuity in the work, learn to feel the line “command — obey”, sticking to the official chain of command. Is the key to career growth, prestige in the team.

ARCHERS. The bird wishes in a cage under lock and key, the degree of confrontation rolls, active enemies, rivals, competitors. Even with the tested trials of life are worthy friends, will make every effort to not start a war. There will be no winners. Determines who down the road, and with whom to part. It’s not that dramatic, will and endurance, common sense will save you.

The chief’s eyes not motolite you irritate him, and if you call on the carpet, with maximum thoroughness to report on the work done. If you got in their business sleigh, professionally competent, all will be well.

June 1-2 — days for critical situations.

CAPRICORNS. Now important contacts with people from afar, representatives from other traditions, professions, and research industries. Broaden your horizons in a practical way, enrich someone else’s experience, develop useful skills, and share information.

In the service of you — a handy, out of competition, have privileges at the boss. However, in order not to harm the health, work on his heart, striving for self-actualization. Boring routine work will suck valuable energy.

On the secret front of being a fierce struggle with the dark forces, do not secretly long oppressors evil (the temptation of the evil one). Even if you become the scapegoat (fee for personal mistakes in recent years), believe in the triumph of God’s justice.

Comfort will find in a circle of loved ones.

AQUARIANS. Appetites through the roof, weigh the “want” and “impossible”, the reality is pragmatic and will not allow to squander money, energy on a variety of whims. Refrain from loans, credits.

If unhappy in the marriage, the bowl was empty of romanticism, this is your long personal “merit”, and not a reason for divorce. To correct the error. Light up any cost the heart, it should work on out, a gush of high feelings, and the payback will be later. Someone who loves, not so important. Now the parade is led by the satellite, so trust your knight. Rebellion, pride — the path of loneliness, which is unacceptable. After all, you for full development, the life of prosperity you should be sure to pair.

FISH. You’re between a rock and a hard place. The atmosphere is explosive, aggressive and demanding environment. Likely to take the initiative and you will have to work on them, to please, to meet any demand. Do not despair, patience and a little effort.

Act according to circumstances, without looking far ahead. “God willing the day will give food.” Otherwise, the disagreement will lead to long-term cooling of relations.

If people are annoying, change your attitude towards them, the transformation internally automatically converts the world into one that fits your spiritual development.

Important — to upgrade to a better relationship “parents-children”, “Manager-subordinate”. Don’t let parasite in him, otherwise ill. All work must be equivalent to paid chase away the “freeloaders”!

The days of crisis: on June 1-2.