Alternative basic education in Ukraine: what is eco-schools and they teach children

Many parents unhappy with the education that provides secondary school. Their main gripe is that learning the “old way” gives the lowest quality of knowledge and helps develop complexes. All attempts of the system to correct the situation only result in the download of children the large volume of information and the emergence of new disciplines.

Some families began to seek out and pay attention to alternative schools or home schooling. They focused on how to instill in children a curiosity about the world, which in turn can provide the motivation, the result in study and career choices.

Many schools immediately responded to modern demands. The trend among them is reliance on the world’s best techniques and programs, freedom of choice of subjects and the emphasis on applied knowledge that will be useful in life.


Alternative schools began to create for their children and parents in family education centres. Their essence is similar: for the evaluation of children assigned to the school (external, distance learning, etc.). They attend the alternative school in which enrolled full-time, doing various projects and play educational games. The main task, according to the founders of such schools (for example, Kiev “Berdasco”, “Kierra”, etc.) — to interest the child, to give him room for creativity and expression, not to memorize definitions, which may never need in life.

“Invited teachers to build the learning process so that, in addition to theory, students learned specific skills. It can be with the help of sculpting, poetry, painting, needlework, etc., — explains study mother of a female high school student Anna Malenkovich. For example, animals can show via a drawing, to teach history through the study of the biographies of their relatives, etc.”

TEACH EVERYTHING. Classes in such schools parents are invited by teachers, lecturers and trainers — everyone is interesting and clearly tell/show the right information. She likes children and gives the opportunity to observe something amazing.

“Children were taught to plant parsley. Then they watched the shoots was measured as a fast growing sprout, as it is affected by rain or drought, says mother Svetlana Svirina. — In addition, our classes are not always in the school building. We carry children in a sanctuary where they can observe the life of wild animals, do different projects, go Hiking, etc.” Incidentally, the latter and cite the example of parents when it comes to socialization of children.

After founders of the school and parents receive the results of their efforts, they decided not to interrupt his studies and in the summer, holding events as summer schools.


An alternative to the standard schooling serve and summer schools that students can attend according to the schedule of events, and then to go live at the creative farm or ecovillage (like “the Island Obirok”, etc.). Basically they are all aimed at improving, so we are in scenic locations and have an emphasis on sustainability. Such schools are often compared with summer camps while their leaders explain that it is not so.

“We take the curriculum and I think that this is interesting, we can show the children (experiences, experiments, workshops), to consolidate the knowledge received in school. While recreation and entertainment are also present here”, — said the Director of the Kharkov summer school family education mark Bessonov. Parents are pleased that the children busy with something useful.

“This may be the experience with growing crystals or workshops that explain a law of physics or chemistry, experiment in biology, and a variety of interesting lessons on other subjects that in an ordinary school child would never have seen and certainly not touched by hands”, — tells about a visit to the creative summer school the mother of a seventh-grader Andrew from Odessa Diana disease observed.

In nature and in the classroom. Students can experiment. Photo: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL


A new variant of eco-schools in the Finnish sample presented in the beginning of the school year near Kiev. The building is now being completed — it will be a wooden frame with classes semicircular shape, a reed roof and a system of “smart house”. Moreover, in a radius of 30 km from it there is no polluting enterprises. The adjacent territory will also be a highlight: climbing wall in the form of Egyptian pyramids, a green maze with difficult passages, paths with length up to 1 km away and a tree climbing Park, which can be reached through the school window.

THE LEARNING PROCESS. The school will issue diplomas of the state sample, but the training will be different from conventional institutions. “For example, mathematics we will present a financial literacy game forms. Biology can be great to explore beyond the building and planting in the garden plant,” says founder and Director of eco-schools 7 fields Oksana Volgina.

Classic physical exercise will not be here too — instead children are invited to practice yoga in the fresh air. It is also planned an unusual approach in the study of the English language to children after three months of training managed to speak. Training involves stay on site from 9:00 to 18:00, so a balanced diet is also eco-schools. Tutors (teachers) are already lining up to share their knowledge.

“I am ready to give pupils the best and believe that children will love music as much as I do. If it is necessary — will teach kids to play any instrument in the world. I have 35 instruments,” says music teacher and theater Director Oleg ray.

According to Oksana Volgenau, in the methods of teaching combined elements of the programs of such schools as Summerhill, Scalapack, Montessori, Waldorf, Japanese and Finnish schools. An important aspect of the process is that the children themselves will plan lessons.

“It isn’t going assessments and homework assignments — explains the Director. — In addition, in our democratic approach will be used in a method such as “Baby Board”: the children themselves will decide who is right and who is wrong, if we will talk about the relationship among our tutorialov.