Trump praised the Macron over the “great work” – the media

The US President Donald trump on Thursday congratulated the French leader of Emmanuel Macron that he did a “great job” to win elections earlier this month, and the French President in turn said that the two leaders could change many things, reports Reuters.

The presidents during their first meeting firmly shook hands, and him so strongly squeezed her hand trump that she was white, the newspaper writes.

Trump told Him that he had the honour of meeting with the French leader, saying he had “an incredible campaign and was a huge victory.”

“The world is discussed, and we have a lot to discuss, including terrorism and other things. Welcome, big job,” he said.

Macron also said “a very wide range of issues for discussion on the theme of combating terrorism, the economy, climate and energy”.

“This NATO summit is a chance for us to hold the first meeting and I am very glad that I can change a lot of things together,” he said.

Earlier after the meeting with trump, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk said that the EU and the United States have a common position on the conflict in the Donbas.