Focus (Germany): Russian cult car driven from Europe, the last hope is Putin?

In connection with the new requirements for volumes of emissions into the atmosphere of the iconic Russian car brand Lada is forced to leave the European market. Germany is no exception. But fans of the brand don’t want to put up with it.

Their last hope is Putin? The petition to the address to the company, the AVTOVAZ, parent of the concern Renault-Nissan, which owns 25% of its shares, the Russian Ministry of economic development and the Russian Embassy in Germany asking him to prevent the departure of the “Lady” with the German market in just a few days gained 1.5 thousand signatures.

Petition for the preservation of “Frets” on the market

The petition, posted on the website left the organization Campact, has a certain weight — not least because it was supported by long-term head of mission of Lada in Germany Trzaska Dieter (Dieter Trzaska). His company in recent years worked to expand the dealer network, moving in this market along with the three – and five-door versions of the classic “Lada 4×4”, formerly known as “Niva”, a modern sedan Vesta.

The cessation of exports of cars to Western Europe many accused of Renault-Nissan. The French bought a stake in the Russian carmaker in 2008, but apparently consider “Harmony” as a competitor to its budget brand Dacia. Between them do suggest themselves parallel: Romanian brand Dacia at some moment of the beginning of licensed production of the cars Renault 8 and Renault 12, and in 2005 brought to market the Logan, which became a bestseller in the price range up to 5 thousand euros.

The history of “Lada” started with license production of the FIAT 124. To this end, in the Volga city of Stavropol, symbolically renamed in honor of Italian Communist Palmiro Togliatti (Palmiro Togliatti), was built a huge automobile plant.

After several years of production of cars with a body “sedan” in 1977 appeared compact SUV “Niva”, and now Lada and Dacia — has a relatively wide range of modern cars, which includes Niva/4×4. The model of “Lada” are much more interesting than the offer of Dacia, and for the “Fields” of Romanians and not at all analog. Because they are machines intended for off-road, hardly comparable in performance with the Russian competitor. In addition, all-wheel drive version of the Dacia Duster is much more expensive than the iconic Russian car.

New standards the exhaust to kill the brand in the EU

In the upcoming cessation of exports of “Lada” blame tougher standards of exhaust CO2 in Western Europe, designed to stimulate the demand for heavy and generally very expensive electric cars for the public of classic cars.

However, the authors of the petition believe that to find the funds to save the market one small producer (and in Europe, “Fret” can be considered such) is possible.

In any case, the care of the “Frets” would be a serious loss for the road “landscape”. Because 4×4/Niva, perhaps, be called the chief resident of the entire automotive market. Thus it is quite suitable for everyday use, and thanks to its small turning radius literally designed for urban traffic. By the way, the important role played by the low cost of its repair. Very attractive starting price of around 11 thousand euros, and inside the car does not make impression of “minicar”.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that the model produced for nearly 45 years and has a lot of fans, among which, incidentally, is the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Who knows, may be, say the Kremlin still save this car “Ambassador” of Russia abroad?