“Oh, you little wretch!” What is wrong with the gestures trump in Brussels

Diplomacy can sometimes become an ordeal, and when it comes to Donald trump, this fact is as relevant as ever.

In a series of strange occurrences in Brussels trump exchanged an overly firm handshake with the President of France Emmanuel Macron, was pushed aside by the Prime Minister of Montenegro, the desire to be in the foreground when taking a picture, and then finished his “recoperate” confrontation with the Macron. At that time this situation has already caused laughter from German Chancellor Angela Merkel and NATO chief, Jens Stoltenberg.

Conflict associated with sign language began when the French President Makron was not surprised, too strong handshake trump on Thursday, may 25. Trump, former host of the reality show, is famous for the fact that greeted guests of the program strong to shake hands, which he often combined with a jerk, breaking the balance of his sacrifice. Among the victims were such people as Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, whose reaction when he rolled his eyes after a 19-second deadly grip of trump, went around the Internet in February of this year. However, macron, 39-year-old political Prodigy of France, it seemed, was ready to welcome trump when they met for lunch at the American Embassy in Brussels before the NATO summit.

Under a sight of television cameras around the world Makron has stood the famous capture of the trump, when politicians were sitting around, the Frenchman continued to smile and firmly met the sidelong glance magnate. Macron then squeezed out trump everything he could, clenching his fingers an American President and not allowing him to take your hand.

Knuckle of their fingers were white, jaw clenched, face took a more harsh expression.

© REUTERS, Jonathan ErnstРукопожатие President of the United States Donald trump and the President of France Emmanuel Makron

This time — to everyone’s relief — ended, and the policy left the office so happy to eat beef and eat a mousse of Belgian chocolate for dessert.

But the President wasn’t finished.

Later in a staff-NATO apartment Makron last appeared at the opening of the new building of the Alliance, and he again had to shake Trump’s hand. When trump with a smile, began to squeeze the hand of Makron, some leaders, for example, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and NATO chief, Jens Stoltenberg, barely restrained laughter.

Family portrait in the interior NATO is also remembered on Thursday that trump pushed in the direction of the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic (Dusko Markovic) to be in the front row in the photograph. One of the critics of trump was a British writer JK Rowling, author of books about Harry Potter.

“Oh, you little, little man!” she wrote in his Twitter, attaching a gif of the strange incident.

Next, trump stood by Markovic and talked to the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite (Dalia Grybauskaite).

The video of this incident made the rounds on social networks in different languages.

“I think Donald trump didn’t want anyone eclipsed his presence at the summit,” wrote the Montenegrin newspaper Vijesti.

Other Balkan sites published such headlines as “America first” and “what are You doing?”

Sam Markovich, however, have pretended that have not noticed a dismissive gesture. “I did not pay attention to it. Just saw the reaction on social networks. This is a completely harmless situation,” he told reporters after the summit. Instead of being offended, he used the chance to thank trump for support membership of Montenegro in NATO. Small ex-Yugoslav Republic to become the 29th member of NATO next month.

Anyway, Markovic said: “of Course, the US President should be in the first row”.

Montenegro will formally become the 29th member of NATO on 5 June, as stated in the Alliance on Thursday. Russia expresses extreme dissatisfaction with this step.