How to wash: TOP 6 common mistakes

That things were not only clean, but also didn’t lose its appeal after washing, you need to eliminate common mistakes that are probably made by many.

The website “Home” shares the secrets of how to put powder and bleach, as correctly load the drum and other.

With the power to remove the stains

This can cause the stain even more will settle in the fibers of the fabric, and the fabric will RUB off and lose color. Instead, do it gently and carefully. First, treat the stain as quickly as possible. The less time that passes, the better the result. Always use a white rag if you wipe down the stain.

Primakovite the stain, not RUB, and do it from the wrong side of the fabric.

To use too much powder

The excess foam can settle on clothing and stay in places that are bad are rinsed like a cloth under the collar. This leads to additional plaque and formation of bacteria.

Try to reduce the amount of washing powder two times. If you see that then threw things not as well as you would like, gradually add it until you achieve the desired result. The only exception is the hard water.

Until the end to zip up the zipper during washing

Metal zipper teeth can damage other tissues, which are erased in a single drum machine.

Wash buttoned shirt

Like it feels right and accurate, but this method can blab thread, and buttons will come off, and the buttonholes will stretch. So take time to be undone.

Abuse bleach

Think twice before to use it. Actually bleach is not needed in order to remove protein stains: blood, sweat, etc. Instead, use old-fashioned and eco-friendly way: throw dirty socks, shirts and underwear into a big bucket with water, add lemon slices and boil for a few minutes.

Not leveling the washing machine

If the machine is not balanced it can lead: to damage, premature wear of shock absorbers and other elements of the machine. Put on the surface of the device and tighten up the legs, they are always adjustable in height. If that doesn’t work, because the surface of the floor are uneven, put the car under a thick sheet of plywood to reduce vibration.