TOP 10 simple rules for better health

Excess weight, lethargy and fatigue can unsettle anyone. To be healthy, you must acquire the right habits.

Coach Erin Oprah claims that, for example, in nutrition she is also not ideal, but when you spoil yourself with something useless, then I am sure that three times a meal or two will definitely be healthy. In the days when my whole body aches and she feels tired, still gets up and moves because if you continue to lie like that, feeling only worsens, transfer Mscam.

Therefore, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Erin recommends to follow the simple rules:

1. Do at least 10 thousand steps every day

This is a good example for the sequence. 10 thousand steps is approximately 8 km away. If you don’t know how to go through them, try:

  • to Park away from the place appointments or work;
  • to use the stairs, not the Elevator;
  • walk the dog;
  • to spend at least half a break walking in the fresh air.

2. Teach your body to be consistent in performing the exercises

When you are trying to implement in my life a healthy habit, your body knows exactly why this is and responds accordingly. If you can give up sweets for a long period, your body will not require them in large numbers, and when you still try something sweet, sugar will not bring such pleasure as before.

3. Breakfast

Many people are not accustomed to Breakfast in the morning, but Breakfast is actually very important. Every day you will Wake up hungry and that’s good because it means your body expects food and ready to metabolism.

4. Sweat

Sweating is a natural function of the human body. Through this process, elevated body temperature, or physical stress, it cools, and participating in thermoregulation, sweat to prevent our body from overheating.

5. Set long-term goals

Diet is a short – term goal, which involves drinking juice for 10 days to clear, 3 day fasting, 30 days without carbs. But really you need a healthy diet throughout life.

6. Be active during the day

One hour in the gym is not yet active lifestyle. Constant visits to the gym is all well and good, but to stay slim, you need to move in all day.

7. One workout will not make you strong, but without the weight doesn’t ruin anything

The sequence can be achieved by adhering to a healthy lifestyle for 80% of your time. But everyone needs a day of rest, so don’t blame yourself in anything, and enjoy life.

8. One meal does not make you either healthy or thick

That one day you ate only salad for lunch, does not mean that you will lose weight. All need consistency. Therefore, learn to choose the best products and use them daily, and it will also help you to resist the temptation to eat something useless.

9. Drink water throughout the day

If your body is not getting enough water before exercise, you will not get a good result, even if you exert all efforts. The blood brings oxygen to your muscles and brain, but it contains very little water. And the more you sweat, the more water you need to drink.

10. Indulge in special cases

This means that if you want junk food, let her, but do not overdo it. Moderation while consistency is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.