How to earn a higher pension in Ukraine after the reform

In Ukraine a few weeks ago presented the project of pension reform. The coefficient of the experience the Ukrainians are planning to reduce from 1.35 to 1. As a result, the “new” pensioners, the payout will reduce. At the same time, those Ukrainians who have long been retired, retired “savremena”. The website “Today” figured out how to get higher pensions after the reform.

How to affect his pension

The average pension in Ukraine is one of the lowest in Europe. It is believed that a sufficient amount of the pension is 60% of salary. At the moment, the average pension is 1800 hryvnia, and the average salary – 6752 hryvnia. That is, instead of 60% of salary on average Ukrainians “retirement” receive 26.6 percent.

The amount of the pension depends on the average wage in the country, their salary, length of service and is determined by the formula: P = ZP * KC, where P – size of pension; SN – salary (average salary over the three years prior to retirement multiplied by the ratio of wages and insurance period); KS – coefficient of insurance (depends on experience); wage Coefficient – the ratio between average pay in the country and that which at that time had been retired.


So, if, for example, the salary for the selected period in two times higher than the national average, the coefficient of salary will equal 2, if 35% of 1.35. To learn your ratio of experience, need the number of years worked multiplied by a special factor. Now it was 1.35, but in October it plans to reduce to 1.

For example, at the moment, the person who receives 12 thousand hryvnias (a salary approximately two times higher than the average) and worked for 35 years can expect to retire at 3538 UAH, and in October, after the reduction ratio, this Ukrainian will get a pension the size of the whole 2364 hryvnia. It tells the expert in the field of pensions Lydia Tkachenko, those Ukrainians who are not yet retired, from innovations will hurt most of all.

Experts explain: to receive high pensions must be at least 35 years of experience and zarplatu, the amount of which significantly exceeds the national average. In the current legislation there is a norm according to which those who decide later to retire, you can count on an additional premium. If you retire before age 65, but later 60, for every extra month of work is based on an allowance of 0.5%. If “postpone” retirement to 65 years, you can count on a premium of 0.75% for each month. For example, a retiree who earned a pension in 3000 hryvnia, but decided to retire at 63, can expect to pay at 3540 UAH.

As noted in the Pension Fund, now retired more than 20 thousand UAH receive 2.2 million people. 19 thousand pensioners receive more than 10 thousand hryvnia. Most “lucky” people’s deputies and judges, they get “special” pensions. In Ukraine for several years has limitations – retired more than 10, 7 thousand hryvnias are not assigned. Those who received pensions above this amount up to the limitation, will remain with the high payouts.

It tells Lydia Tkachenko, the judges, who will retire this year, the restriction “no greater than 10.7 thousand in retirement” will not feel – for them the constitutional court, this rule was canceled. How wrote on his page on the social network the people’s Deputy Viktor Pynzenyk, pension of judges – 80% of salary, is more than 260 thousand hryvnias. “People are irritated by this inequality. When the bulk gets 1500, roughly speaking, the average pension is now somewhere in 1850 hryvnia, and the judge gets 21 thousand. What the judge retired to our poor country for all that… then Let all 21 thousand to pay. Somehow it does not work. Whatever measure of responsibility for their work, they’re retired, they do not work. This responsibility is already there – why should I pay 20 thousand? Moreover, the constitutional court removed him for the maximum size limit”, – says scientist.

To earn by yourself

In addition to pension from the state, every Ukrainian has the opportunity to participate in a private pension Fund. In many EU countries and the US, these funds have existed for many years, in Ukraine, private pension funds started to operate only in 2003. And although, according to the author of the book “Towards the future. Guide to non-state pension funds,” Alexander Tkach, not one Fund has not been declared bankrupt, and if it were recognized as such, the accumulation of Ukrainians would be moved to another Fund, confidence in the private pension Fund is still low.

One of the largest Ukrainian banks offers investors to set aside each month 200 hryvnia “old age”. If you save for 30 years, by 2047-th can be obtained every month, 113 thousand hryvnias (monthly NPF promises to earn 20% of the Deposit amount). Don’t know what I can buy with the money in 30 years.


According to the law in Ukrainian private funds may open an account citizens of other countries, but the Ukrainians to collect on a pension in foreign funds difficult: at the moment there are restrictions under which open foreign currency accounts abroad and Deposit them in your possession.

The main problem of private pension funds in Ukraine is absence of the stock market and the difficult economic situation. So savings are not “burned” funds needed each month to earn the amount, which will not only cover inflation, but also multiply money. As told in an interview with “Today,” the Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva, no one can predict what will happen to these funds in 10 or 20 years. “Today, to convince me that we need to invest in our financial institutions very difficult,” – says Andrey Reva.

Another way to “gather up” for retirement is to open an escrow account and Fund it each paycheck. Now the average Deposit rate is 16-18%. This is enough to not only offset inflation, but also to increase savings. If a private Bank closes guarantee Fund returns part of the Deposit 200 thousand UAH. Therefore, experts suggest either to open several deposits in different banks worth up to 200 thousand, or invest money, for example, in the state “Oschadbank.” Under current law, if “Oshchad” closed, depositors are entitled to compensation deposits in full due to the budget of the country.