What to eat for health and radiance of the skin: the TOP 6 right products

Healthy skin is an important part of beauty of any person. To Shine you need her properly to take care of.

It is important not only okay to take care of it by using different procedures and equipment, and edit their meals.

Make your skin literally glowed from within, you must enter into your diet the TOP 6 right foods, advises “Home”.


They are rich in amino acids that promote the production of collagen, and it provides the skin elasticity. And in any case do not discard the yolks – they’re high in vitamin B12 (protects the skin from external influences and smoothes wrinkles), lutein and zeaxanthin (hydrate).


Most useful leafy vegetables dark green – spinach, sorrel, Romaine lettuce. They are rich in carotenoids. These plant compounds provide the skin and also gives skin a barely noticeable brown tint – without any harm from UV radiation!

Add some spinach in an omelet or mix with mint and pineapple juice – will be a very delicious summer drink.

Chia seeds

Two teaspoons of seeds that get in Central and South America, contains almost 5000 mg of omega 3. These acids are responsible for the creation of a natural barrier layer that prevents the skin to lose moisture. In addition, omega 3 is considered an excellent means of preventing melanoma.

Add a pinch of Chia seeds to oatmeal, smoothies or sprinkle on sliced fruit.


In a handful of nuts contains up to 50% of the daily value of vitamin E, which refers to the strongest antioxidants and allows to neutralize the damage from free radicals. In addition, almonds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which help the skin to retain moisture and smooth wrinkles.

Eat nuts or fruit.


It does not cause the same spikes in blood glucose as regular sugar. And in addition, contains the minerals manganese and selenium, which neutralise the effects of free radicals. Add a teaspoon of honey into oatmeal or spread on toasted grain bread.


Moisturizes the skin from within, leaving it smooth and radiant. Water is essential for youthful and healthy skin, but vegetables and fruits that contain plenty of fluids are also very useful. Among the leaders – melon, peaches, strawberries and cucumbers.

Dice any of the above fruit, add the mint leaves and drizzle with lemon juice.