The results of the week in Ukraine: the Polish miracle, “robbery” Nasirov and appreciation of alcohol

After the July increase international politics with the beginning of August came to a standstill. But in Ukraine began a period of active personnel movements. He came down to the fact that one pole decided to say goodbye and the other to call.

FAREWELL OF BALCONA. On Wednesday, Ukraine said goodbye to the head of “uz” by Wojciech Balkonem. His appointment last summer was the lightning, and his farewell is long and painful. A year ago practically the whole country talked about the fact that the leadership of the railroad comes experienced foreign expert, who also plays in a rock band. A year later remained mostly memories of a rock band. No, it was still a lot of things. Was (why not take) running Express to Przemysl, which was quite the way to start a visa-free regime. There are plans on the Express to Krakow. But in regard to the internal railway network, the BONDS continued to operate the base, laid down in 2011-2013, not improving and not updating it. However, Balczun said that under him the company grew, but the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian lucidly explained that the increase in profits at the expense of growth of tariffs is not something to be proud of. War of Balcona with Omelyan generally made up a significant part of the memories of the rocker and the railroad. Yes, the constant reports that the General Director of “Ukrzaliznytsia” went somewhere to relax. Not by chance the GPU after the resignation of Balczun stated that he rested more than worked: 132 out of 248 working days of the CEO failed. However, about estimates it’s better to wait when the BONDS will be a new leader.


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THE POLISH MIRACLE. But fashion on the poles has not yet passed. The other day there was a message that “Naftogaz” agreed on the appointment of the President of the PJSC “Ukrtransgaz” member of the management Board of PGNiG Technologie S. A. of Pavel Jozef Stanaca. Of course, immediately after the appointment to Express any doubts before — in fact, according to “Naftogaz”, Stanchak has 25 years experience in the gas industry. But about Balcona year ago there were many laudatory reviews, and ended up happy post of the Minister of infrastructure. However, a significant difference is that Stanchak not seen in any rock band, but because there is a hope that to work it will be longer than the countryman-railroad.

“ROBBERY” NASIROV. Head of the SFS Roman Nasirov, although suspended from work until a few months ago, continues to be in office. However, to remain on it (and in General in the country) motivation Nasirov less. This week the NAB announced that all the property of the chief fiscal arrested. It should be noted that the police generally come to Nasirova very strictly. Recently, he asked for treatment in the United States, but he refused. Going to be treated at Home — and then arrested all movable and immovable property. In this situation, no one will be surprised if Nasirov resent the power and go for treatment anywhere without permission. He is a famous bracelet, but this garment still very few people stopped.

NOT VODKA A SINGLE. Not pleased with the news this week, and many ordinary citizens. On Wednesday, the Cabinet decided to raise the minimum price on alcoholic products: vodka will now cost no less than UAH 80 per bottle, and 3-star brandy — not less than 120 UAH. Of course, in summer this increase is not so much the beer, fortunately, has not risen, but the fall is not far off. And then our citizens will remember that need something warm. Then vodka is 80 UAH will become a big problem that will cause many people to remember that there is still moonshine.

DEAR JULY. However, not only more expensive vodka. State statistics released inflation data for July, and found that products rose by an average of 0.2%. This, of course, a little bit, but this is an average. And meat increased in price does not on average 5%. However, instead of cheaper eggs, but expensive chicken. However, the main problem is that July was always the month of deflation. June, too, and this June, the products also became more expensive. In seven months inflation reached a threshold that was planned for the whole year, at 8.2%. And now, even if August still will be deflationary, it is still clear that to keep the growth of prices in a planned values will not work. So, all tied to inflation indices of the budget social spending should be revised.