Visit trump in Saudi Arabia through the eyes of Russia: great war in the middle East

Moscow reacted to the visit of US President Donald trump in Saudi Arabia lightning attack on the idea of an “Arab NATO” through a great article in “RIA Novosti” under the heading “trump and the generals are preparing war: against who will the “Arab NATO”?”

Despite the fact that the Kremlin, the newspaper “Izvestia” expressed agreement with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia to exclude the idea of such a Union currently, in the article “RIA Novosti” reflected the anger that gripped Moscow after persistent investigation of the American establishment about the “relations” President trump with Russia after the U.S. strikes on the positions of the Syrian regime.

After the boundless courage which prevailed in the speeches of Moscow under the previous US administration, and the illusion that it has become a major player in the Syrian issue, Russia has returned to its original size: the size of an insect, which penetrates the apples through a very small hole and begins to eat her from the inside. This in turn leads to an increase in the size of the insect to such an extent that it can no longer exit through the same opening through which they entered. In the end, the insect is forced to return to its original size.

In light of the new situation, Moscow uses two approaches. On the one hand, she desperately defends trump from “unfair campaign” against the American establishment and Western media. On the other hand, a growing General hostility towards the West, which intends to encircle Russia and destroy the received in Syria “greatness”.

The above stems from Moscow’s reaction to trump’s visit to the middle East these days. An article in the “RIA Novosti” demonstrates a very clear expression of the second approach. In this context, the visit trump is a reminder of the visit of former U.S. President Richard Nixon to the middle East in June 1974, in the midst of which was held in Washington at the time, “the Watergate scandal”.

But personal suffering trump should not, according to this article, “to cover the system of military-political initiatives that the President carried out his generals, and behind him the capital”, which use it to implement their tasks. A contract for the supply of weapons by Saudi Arabia indicate only deep seriousness of the initiative “Arab NATO”, what trump will say during this visit.

According to “RIA Novosti”, such an impressive volume of arms supplies is not intended “for the Saudi war in Yemen”: it is needed for a large war in the middle East, the first aim of which is Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and then Iran. The white house is not ashamed to speak in public that the escalation of the conflict in the middle East corresponds to the main points of the doctrine of trump’s “America first”.

Military adventures are fully consistent with the model behavior trump, manifested in his desire of domination, violence and self-assertion. But what is most important to trump and his model of behavior, it is the interests of the military-industrial complex, which it is.

This article poses a question: what would it mean for Russia? When the sponsors of terrorism to unite in a military-political Alliance and gain a huge amount of weapons, how to increase their terrorist power? Where American and Saudi masters will send a heavily armed terrorist army? Moreover, it States that terrorism in America — it’s not a problem, but a “tool of dealing with objectionable leaders, redrawing the political map for their own interests and gain control over natural resources.”

What Russia should do in this situation? The answer: “for starters, stop believing in the babble, trump, and to understand that he and his generals for us — a direct and immediate threat. Even if trump goes, will remain a threat — he let the Genie out of the bottle, this was his mission. Russia needs to urgently build a comprehensive system to deter impending aggression from the South”.

It is worth saying that this message is not sent abroad, where you know the actual size of the fruit, it is inside Russia and is reflected in the policy of the Kremlin, in which Russia appears as a “beleaguered fortress”, and each seeks to undermine its “greatness” or even to destroy it.

Such a policy is not the only approach, which Russia adheres to the political situation after the arrival of the trump in the White house. After Washington broke out struggle between the establishment and the President trump, Moscow has consistently and fiercely defended the last of his “enemies” within America, and especially from the American media. For example, during another clash between trump and the media, which started during Lavrov’s visit to Washington, Putin and the tramp “agreed” about the hatred of the machine (the media).

The Kremlin, the newspaper “Izvestia” persistently defended the President of the United States, illuminating his current visit to Saudi Arabia. On the first day of the visit, the pages appeared the following: “trump is leaving the White house and America — but not as much as it would his opponents. Just starts on the first foreign trip of the new President” (actually this is a quote from an article in the newspaper “Vzglyad” — approx. ed.).


The article also States that, contrary to the generally accepted tradition the first visits of American presidents, trump did not visit their neighbors Canada and Mexico, and “to trump all these traditions don’t matter — he came to change the rules”.

So trump went to the middle East, more Muslims, which “scared the whole election campaign”. Trump Islamophobia and mexicanalink, spoke with the President of Mexico immediately after his election, while the Muslims he will visit “to finally remove all the opportunities for speculation around his personal Islamophobia”.

The article notes that in one week in front of the eyes trump will be representatives of 87 States, which was not achieved by any other President during the first hundred days of his presidency.

It is also reported that the leaders of the Middle East, who are accustomed in recent years to dialogue with Putin and what Russia has become “the most active foreign player” in the region will be important is how trump will talk about the Russian President. The position of the trump against Putin be interesting for the leaders of the “Big seven” in Sicily, especially because most of the crowd “inexperienced” in relations with Russia. Two of them, Italy and Japan, will expect the American President “a hint of the coming improvement of the relations with Russia.”

At the end of his article the author draws attention to the fact that the problem of security of the American President has never had such a meaning as this time, and “the question whether the return tramp in America, is hardly alarmist”.