In Munich the police have exposed a huge clan that carried out thefts across Europe

Obama said the exposure of a huge network of criminals who specialized in burglaries. Law enforcement officers believe that the members of the network can be responsible for a fifth of the German thefts, reports TV channel “112 Ukraine” with reference to the BBC.

“In Munich, the police said the exposure of a huge clan that carried out the burglary, which may be responsible for a fifth of recent thefts in Germany”, – stated in the message.

The criminal group operated throughout Europe, and many of its members were related by blood or married.

The investigation began after January 2016 in Munich arrested three women while trying to get to the hotel. The detainees said that they’re minors, but police found they have fake IDs and subsequently found that they were associated with the criminal network.

This subsequently led to the arrest of about 20 young women and two men in Germany. also detained two alleged leaders of the group in Croatia and Spain. The police also found that gang members operate in Belgium, France and Italy.

As previously reported, in Paraguay, was the largest robbery in country’s history: the stolen 40 million dollars.