Trump takes on the Iran

45th American President differs in that it tries to stick to a few favorite and well they mastered those. During his visit to the middle East one of the key became the subject of Iran’s terrorism.

Obviously, in Riyadh this rhetoric of Donald trump was met with great pleasure. Its actually the Saudis are met to the highest level. This difference is especially noticeable in comparison with the reception, who then gave to Barack Obama in April last year. The former us President flew in a day early before the opening of the summit of the cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Persian Gulf, specifically to have a word with king Salman. However, he was sent to the airport to meet the distinguished guest ordinary officials, the chief of which was the head of the city of Riyadh. So the leadership of Saudi Arabia responded to a “nuclear deal” allowing Iran to develop nuclear energy in exchange for a promise to curtail the development of nuclear weapons. On the country were lifted part of the sanctions. Exit from an international siege to their main enemy, could not please the Saudis.

In this sense, Trump was just enough to attract the king Salman on their side, developing the theme further isolation of Iran. And the largest arms deal for $ 110 billion and other business contracts for huge amounts allowed the American President to recall his other favorite subject — the establishment in America of new jobs. Secretary Rex Tillerson forgot to mention: “the supply of military equipment and services meet the long-term security concerns of Saudi Arabia and the entire Gulf region, especially in light of ominous Iranian influence and Iran-related threats around the perimeter of the Saudi borders.”

More questions arise about the so-called “Arab NATO” — regional military-political Alliance in which the leading role was played by Saudi Arabia, of course, with the support of the US and its allies — the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan. In the future, the Union is expected to draw more than forty States, including Pakistan, which, recall, has nuclear weapons.

To build such an organization is a challenge in itself, knowing how complicated the relationship between the States of potential members. But, in any case, are steps in the same direction: against Shiite Iran.

Some paradox lies in the fact that President Rouhani, won the election and remaining for a second term, was a program just increase transparency and increase cooperation with key global powers — China, USA, Europe. Iranian voters supported it convincingly, giving him 57% of the vote against 38.5% of the configured more isolationist Raisi. But President Rouhani now, it turns out, there is no interlocutor, at least in Washington.

Arriving in Israel from Saudi Arabia, trump and then developed the first anti-Iranian theme. However, the course had to swear in conversations with the Russians in the oval office the name of Israel may sound. The house is ablaze with scandal including disclosure of the President top-secret information that could lead to the exposure and destruction of the intelligence network of Israel on the territory controlled by ISIS.

As usually happens in politics, the leaders of hush this topic, in spite of the death threats that arose from people working on national and international security “in the field”. But try to develop mutual interest. On 17 may, the US state Department announced the extension of sanctions against Iran, and Israel expressed the hope that the Americans will not stop. That tel Aviv had the opportunity to play on anti-Iranian strings of Donald trump. Given the fact that he did not mind.