What to do with student summer English language courses in Kiev

In Kiev, dozens of English language schools that can engage children. Some of these institutions binds classes for the school year. This training often lasts between four to nine months. But there are those who offer courses for children on summer vacation. So, it can be an intensive English language training or a special course, which is held in these three months.

The website “Today” has picked up several schools who are willing to teach children to speak English in the summer.

British Council

Duration: two weeks

Cost: 4 000, training materials included

Trial lesson: no

The British Council – the British Council in Ukraine – for children there are six of summer intensive courses. The intensive course includes 20 hours of classes, two hours each day from Monday to Friday for two weeks. The first of them will take from 15 to 29 may, the second from 30 may to 13 June, the third – from 14 to 27 June, the fourth from June 29 to July 12, the fifth from 13 to 26 July, the sixth from 27 July to 9 August.

On average, in groups of 10 students. The program of the intensive course you can choose based on the interests of the child – drawing, sewing / crafts, theatre performances, movie. You can choose a course designed for development of skills in the curriculum or emphasis on spoken language and building of active vocabulary.

Before selecting a course, the child will have to undergo a free test that will determine at what level he already knows the language. Based on this testing, the consultants will help determine the intensity, which is suitable to the child.
All classes at the British Council are held in English. The training is conducted by certified teachers as a Ukrainian and native speakers.

Upon completion of the intensive British Council issues a certificate confirming that the child went through.

Green Country

Duration: the course “Comprehensive” – six weeks
the course “Conversation with a native speaker” – three weeks

Cost: 4 800 UAH for intensive “Complex” + books (books in the price not included the price – about 450 hryvnia, depending on the level and textbook)
1 600 UAH for intensive “Spoken with a native speaker”

Trial lesson: no

School Green Country for the summer for children offers two – course integrated study of English and the intensive course with native speakers focused more precisely on the development of spoken language.

The course integrated study of the English language will start on may 29 and will last until 7 July. Lessons will take place from Monday to Friday, for three hours every day.

Before you start training, the child will have to undergo testing that will determine their level of knowledge and help to choose the appropriate textbook. The opportunity to come for a trial lesson is not provided, but school managers say that if the child does not like the first class, tuition paid will return money (calculated from the sum of the cost of one lesson).

Classes are held on the books of the publishing house Pearson Longman, but they will have to buy their own. Each lesson includes a game activity and the study of grammar and vocabulary from textbooks. Classes are conducted in English. In this course native speakers of English with children do not work.

The second variant of the intensive course is aimed at the development of speaking skills with English-speaking teachers. The course “Conversation with a native speaker” starts on 5 June and will last for three weeks. Classes will be held Monday through Thursday for 100 minutes a day. Each lesson in this course will be divided into two parts: study vocabulary with a native speaker and activity with creative elements, such as master classes.

Upon completion of the course, we issue your certificate.

First Cambridge education center

Duration: two months

Cost: 2 399 UAH

Trial lesson: no

Summer semester at the education center starts on may 29. The course lasts for two months, which provide for 24 lessons. Study children will be three times a week for two hours. The group is designed for six people to work with children will be Ukrainian teachers.

Before training, the child should undergo testing to determine the level of knowledge of the language. In lessons, emphasis will be placed on vocabulary expansion and elaboration in dialogues and scenes. At the same time, the training will be constructed in the form of a game. Classes will be conducted without reference to a specific textbook in the classroom teachers use the handouts from Oxford and Cambridge textbooks.

At the end of the semester educational center gives the students their certificate. The school has the ability to issue international certificates from Cambridge University, however, to achieve this the child will need to pass the appropriate examinations. In this case, the program for the summer semester are not intended to prepare students to such tests.

Oxford Klass

Duration: two weeks

Cost: 1 800 UAH

Trial lesson: no

The beginning of an intensive summer course for children in school scheduled for June 5, but the final date will be defined after filling the groups. The course lasts for two weeks – five lessons a week for three hours each. Children will engage in project work in English, communicate in a conversational club, watch movies in English and participate in different activities. Conduct lessons in “Oxford Class” will be as the Ukrainian teachers and native speakers.

Groups of students are formed depending on the level of knowledge of English, therefore before teaching the child will need to be tested. Each group of approximately 10 students.

A specific textbook, which will study the children’s materials for every lesson teachers prepare themselves. Upon completion of the course, the school issues a certificate of your sample.

Speak Up

Duration: flexible

Cost: 120 UAH per lesson (depending on the selected program of study)
from 500 UAH for a private lesson with a native speaker

Trial lesson: no

For children the school network “Speak Up” offers a summer intensive English language course. In order to find a suitable and age, and knowledge of language group, the child will need to get free testing. A final program is chosen is based on the results of this test.

The Speak Up, flexible schedule visits, therefore, to determine the number and frequency of sessions will be individually. Of the group is three or four people. But due to the non-fixed graph structure of the group can change from lesson to lesson.

Work at school as Ukrainian teachers and native speakers, but with the latter for children are only available as individual lessons. The average cost of one lesson – from 120 UAH depending on chosen program of study. The lesson from native speakers is 500 hryvnia.

Learn children will in foreign textbooks, but for what it is – also depends on the chosen course. At the request of parents, teaching can duplicate the school curriculum.

Payment to Speak Up – monthly, but also is determined after you select a training program. Upon completion of the course, the school issues a certificate confirming that the child did.

Mortimer English Club

Duration: one month

Cost: 180 USD per lesson (last year)

In the summer the school runs a monthly course with an emphasis on English grammar – Grammar Summer. Classes are held two to three times a week for three hours. Each of them devoted to a specific topic. Lessons are not tied to specific textbooks and learning materials prepared by teachers.

The students are engaged in groups of up to six people with Ukrainian-language teachers. At the moment the final cost of schooling is not installed. Last year one class was worth 180 hryvnia. You can pay for the entire course, you can select some topics to focus on their lessons. During the summer the course is repeated several times, so if a child missed any of the paid lessons, he can visit them next month.

In Mortimer English Club children can attend group classes on the summer theme. These lessons last between 45 minutes to an hour twice a week. In these sessions, children learn vocabulary, grammar, but with reference to the selected topic on the fly. Course of group classes is billed as a subscription – from 10. This gives you the opportunity to visit some classes in any of the summer months, while acting on this course.

Helen Doron English

Duration: two months

Cost: 950 hryvnia per week

In June and July, the school held a summer course with classes two to three times a week for three hours. At the same time, to do child may like one day a week, and, for example, three. Groups of students formed on the basis of age, each no more than eight people. Work with the children of Ukrainian-language teachers.

Classes are based on the Helen Doron method, which trains a network of these schools. Under the theme of the lesson children will learn vocabulary, watch movies, learn songs, paint, sculpt, etc. the Materials for each lesson is prepared teacher. Training summer course is directed to the child has learned more vocabulary, develop speaking skills and overcome the language barrier.

A full week of training is 950 UAH. Parents pay only for those lessons where the child was. At the same time, you can pay for a week, and each lesson individually, but it will turn out more expensive.

Certificate for completing the summer course in school not to be.


Duration: two to three weeks

Cost: 140 USD per lesson

Trial lesson: Yes, free

“Logos” is a tutoring center that works in the format of group courses and individual lessons. In the summer, the organization offers training in conversational groups three times a week.

Before school child must pass a test of knowledge of English that he picked the right group. At the same time, in the centre an individual approach to pupils, for example, parents can ask teachers to pay more attention to grammar, but in this case, the child will engage in a writing group. In the oral lesson the child can either be paired with another student, which has the same level of knowledge, or only with the teacher. On the writing lesson at the same time deals with a group of three or four people.

Classes at the center are held three times a week for two to three weeks. Materials for lessons are prepared by teachers, but there is the opportunity to engage in school textbooks. All teachers in the “Logo” in Ukrainian.

One lesson of the course is worth 140 hryvnia, but the minimum number of sessions, which include student – 10.

Upon completion of training, the center can issue a certificate of completion.

*The certificates are issued school English language are “internal”, that is, indicate that the student has passed the course a certain level. Such certificates are not recognized internationally, but can be used for admission to educational institutions in the future.