TOP 10 foods that stain teeth

Externally, the teeth look like a monolithic anatomical structures, but enamel has a porous structure. This means that substances contained in food, can easily penetrate it. Therefore after a meal containing the dye, the teeth acquire a yellowish or brownish tint. More intense pigmentation of the teeth contribute to acidic foods and products (e.g., lemon juice), which destroy the enamel, thereby making teeth more susceptible to staining, writes

Pigmented food molecules called Chromogens. These substances easily penetrate into the enamel deposited on the tooth surface. Other substances – tannins contained in red wine, coffee, citrus, pomegranate, increase the level of pigmentation of the teeth of the Chromogens. Therefore, products containing both of these components (Chromogens and tannins) are the most intensely stained tooth surface.

Red wine

In moderation, wine is beneficial to health. However, red wine has a negative impact on the teeth. Included in the red wine polyphenols, are damaging to tooth enamel. And Chromogens along with tannins contained in wine, stained teeth.


The condition of the teeth coffee lovers are far from ideal. Regular consumption of the drink leads to the appearance of yellow-greyish teeth. In order to reduce the level of pigmentation of the teeth from coffee, the drink is recommended to add milk. The benefits of milk in the fact that it contains calcium, have a positive influence on the condition of the tooth enamel.

Sports drinks and energy drinks

Due to the high acidity of these drinks to their frequent use leads to the destruction of the enamel, whereby it becomes colourless.

Tomato sauce

Due to the high acidity of tomato sauce, this product is damaging to the tooth enamel, causing stains. In order to minimize pigmentation, before the use of tomatoes is recommended to eat lettuce, broccoli or spinach. This will help to protect teeth from staining.

Balsamic vinegar, soy sauce

Frequent consumption of dark sauces, especially those with a sour taste leads to the formation of stains on teeth. In this regard, it is recommended not to use these products frequently, and, if possible, go for a lighter filling, such as rice sauce or lemon juice.


According to some studies, even herbal teas can stain tooth enamel, not to mention black tea, which in large quantities contains tannins. At the same time, tea is a easy antibacterial agent that protects teeth from the harmful effects of microorganisms.


Almost all soft drinks contain large amounts of phosphoric acid. The high acidity of the drink erodes the enamel and contained in sodas (particularly of color) dyes easily penetrate deep into her. In addition, soda contains a number of harmful additives, which over time can lead to erosive processes. Erosion of teeth – the defeat of the dental tissues (enamel and dentin), resulting in the formation of defect on the surfaces of the teeth.


Berries such as blackcurrants, blueberries, blackberries, contain in their composition a large number of pigment molecules and acids. So after they use the teeth of a distinctive hue inherent in the berries. Of course, harmful effects on the teeth can not be compared with the inestimable benefits that berries provide to our health. So to indulge in them is not necessary. It is only necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the mouth during the summer season.


To teeth staining give candies and sweets, especially caramel and toffee. Frequent eating of sweets does not only spoil the appearance of the teeth, but also detrimental to their structure. Fascination with sweets leads to multiplication of microorganisms, thereby developing tooth decay.


After consuming beets or beet juice, you need to immediately brush your teeth or rinse your mouth. In the beet contains a large number of Chromogens having a coloring effect.