Anadolu (Turkey): Russia and China vetoed a resolution on international assistance for Syria

Russia and China vetoed the extension of the mechanism to send humanitarian aid to the UN three million Syrians.

The Security Council (SB) the United Nations held a vote on the draft resolution on the extension of the mechanism through which international cross-border aid to Syria comes with 2014. The validity of this mechanism expires on July 10.

The draft resolution submitted to the UN security Council, Germany and Belgium, was vetoed by Russia and China.

Russia for the 15th time used its veto in the UN security Council when voting on resolutions relating to Syria.

In accordance with a valid resolution of the UN security Council international assistance to Syria can be supplied only through two checkpoints on the Syrian-Turkish border: “Bab-es-Salaam” in front of “Oncupinar” and “Bab-El-Hawa” on the contrary “Cilvegozu”.

After the veto of Russia and China, if with the expiration mechanism on 10 July, another resolution of the make will fail, two checkpoints will be closed to the convoys with humanitarian cargo.

On the other hand, after the vote, Russia said it will submit a UN security Council a draft resolution providing for the supply of humanitarian aid to Syria only through a checkpoint “Bab-El-Hawa” on the border with Turkey for six months.

For the adoption of the draft resolution in the UN security Council requires that at least nine of the 15 members voted for and none of the permanent members (USA, Russia, China, Britain, France) did not veto.

For cross-border aid to Syria need the UN security Council resolution

According to the UN, about 70% of the three million population of Idlib in Northwest Syria in need of humanitarian assistance.

Since January of this year, the UN Office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs has sent through two checkpoints on the border of Syria and Turkey 8468 humanitarian convoys to Syria, including 1613 — through “Oncupinar”.

Last year aid to Syria was delivered through four checkpoints, two of which are on the border with Turkey. After the veto of Russia and China, their number was reduced to two. Checkpoints “er-RESMI” on the border of Syria and Jordan, as well as “al-Yarubia” on the border of Syria and Iraq were also closed for humanitarian goods.