What you need to know about microwaves

Microwave firmly established in our lives. Today they can be seen almost in every kitchen, and we have become accustomed to warm up your Breakfast, without using any oven or pan. It is convenient, however, the harmful microwave? You probably heard about the dangers of microwaves: on dangerous radiation, about how healthy foods are harmful and so on, writes toneto.net. Experts have told that know about the safety of microwaves scientists.

How to work a microwave

Wary of the microwaves is supported by the fact that many people do not understand exactly how they heat food. For the inhabitants microwave remains mysterious box, which turns cold products in hot.

Despite the fact that this simple description is true, it says nothing about the mechanism of heating, and a lot of this uncertainty is frightening. So let’s start with an explanation of how to work the microwave.

Every microwave oven has a generator of electromagnetic waves. It creates in the chamber of the oven the radiation causes water molecules to fluctuate. Despite the microscopic scale of these oscillations, resulting the friction of the molecules against each other to produce heat, which is enough for warming food. Water is contained in everything we eat, in addition, under the action of radiation coming to other polarized molecules contained in food.

As you can see, the mechanism is quite simple. The friction always generates heat: try a few seconds to RUB my hands and you will feel as they become warm. In General: the same energy friction works in your microwave.

Myth # 1. Dangerous radiation

Despite the fact that the word “radiation” conjures up dread for many people, the radiation used in the microwave, it is quite safe. Because as you already know, the only thing it can do is cause polarized molecules to vibrate, as a result they heat. It is different from radioactive radiation, which leads to the disintegration of molecules and atoms. Microwave radiation also leaves the structure of the molecules unchanged, so it is quite safe.

Myth # 2. You cannot be near a working microwave

Microwave radiation has poor penetrating power and are easily delayed even a thin layer of metal. That is why the walls of microwave ovens are usually made of metal. In this situation the main source of “leakage” radiation is the door of the stove, so it makes sense to ensure that it was tightly closed. All modern microwave ovens automatically turn off when the door is opened, so that the risk of exposure is minimal.

“Leakage” radiation from an intact microwave oven is so small that any appreciable amount of radiation can be obtained only if you a big hug working the microwave. It is unlikely that this will come into your head, right? And even if they come, then the maximum that will happen to you — you will feel a little heat.

Myth # 3. Microwave makes the products harmful

As we have seen, the only thing a microwave can do with food is to heat them. Therefore, the only changes that can occur are associated with the processes occurring during heating of food. When you use the microwave, they are no different from those that occur when cooking or frying.

It is known that heat treatment reduces the content of vitamins and other nutrients: fresh fruits and vegetables healthier than cooked. However, microwave has a small advantage because the food in it is cooked faster and vitamins are retained better. For example, this is true for vitamin B12.

Moreover, studies have shown that when cooking in a microwave oven better retains most water-soluble vitamins (such as B1, B2, folic acid). This is because in microwave the food is cooked “dry”, without immersion in boiling water which “washes out” some of the vitamins.

Another advantage of using microwaves: when cooking they do not require a large amount of oil. At normal frying on the stove, on the contrary, need a lot of oil. When it melts and gets burnt from the oil produced carcinogens — substances that can cause cancer.

Thus, there is no reason to think that using a microwave can harm you (quite the contrary, in some cases it would be useful). However, it makes sense to remember a few simple precautions that will help you safely use your microwave.


Ensure that the oven door remained intact and tightly closed. So you can avoid the “leakage” of radiation out.

Do not use cheap plastic containers. When heated, they can release harmful substances. It is best to use containers of glass and ceramics.

Be careful with heating liquids in the microwave. In it, they can heat up above the boiling point and boil unexpectedly when you to touch them, spilling out. To avoid burns, remove the liquid from the microwave carefully.

Studies on the safety of microwaves, conducted by the state institutions and experts of different countries, showed that cooking in microwave is not only safe, but also convenient. There remains a small number of experts who think differently, but no conclusive evidence over the past half century, they could not be found. Therefore, you can safely continue to use your microwave with no worries about “harmful radiation” or about other frightening things.