How to download the press: four simple exercises for a flat stomach

Flat belly and cherished the dice – the dream of many. Especially in anticipation of summer. To get them you will need to work on. Most importantly, choose the right exercise and add a little perseverance.

To pump up the press, a mini-complex of four exercises every other day. Thus, performing exercises, take your time and try to feel how each muscle works, says Lisa.

Twisting back

Lie on your back, bend your knees, keep lower leg parallel to the floor. Keep your arms along the body, palms down. Pull your stomach. On the exhale, tense your abdominal muscles, lift the hips a few inches off the floor.

Return to starting position. Repeat 12 times.

Council. Try to lift the hips as slowly as possible. To focus on the muscles, and you perform each movement. Ensure that the load falls on the muscles of the abdomen, not the legs.

Twisting with head lifting

In the supine position bend your knees. Hands behind your head. Pull your stomach. Lift your head and shoulders, while simultaneously lifting your hips from the floor.

Return to starting position, but the abdominal muscles leave in suspense. Repeat 12 times.

Council. Try not to tense your buttocks while lifting your hips. Despite the fact that you will be hard to keep them totally relaxed, try to keep the main burden fell on the abdominal muscles.

Oblique twists

Lie on your back, bend your right leg at the knee. Keep your hands behind your head. Left ankle put on the right knee, with left knee in the direction of expand. The maximum pull your stomach. Raise your head and shoulders. Bring your left knee to the right while the right elbow touch the left knee.

Then return to the starting position. Change direction, repeat. Do 12 approaches.

Council. The touch point of the knee and the elbow should be at mid-torso. Perform twisting on the exhale! If it would be difficult to perform the exercise, reduce the number of approaches to 8 times.

Twisting with arms extended

Lying on back, bend legs at the knees, the feet put on the floor, hands extend along the body. Then put your hands behind your head, pull them close together and interlock your fingers. Pull your stomach. Simultaneously lift your arms, head and shoulders.

Then slowly lower to the starting position. Repeat 12 times.

Council. Ensure that the hands were smooth, do not bend them. The shoulders try to keep relaxed, it goes up and down. The slower you perform the exercise, the better.