Top 5 commonly used drugs, whose action is not proved

Ukrainians buy 50% of the drug, which has not been proved worldwide. Such drugs are called “peplomycin”. In a study of the charitable Foundation “Patients of Ukraine” notes that such medicines Ukrainians spend three billion hryvnia.

“Korvalol, validol is a criminal medications, they should not be sold in a civilized country,” – said the pediatrician Eugene Komorowski in an interview with ZIK.

Among peplomycin also zantac, Oscillococcinum and Zelenka.


The principle of operation of validol is based on the irritation of the nerve endings which triggers certain reflexes. It might work if you are stressed, but does not work, if there really are problems with the heart, and in the danger of weight. Under intense heart pain drug need real support, not this drug, otherwise you can end up in intensive care.

 Corvalol (Phenobarbital)

Active ingredients: phenobarbital, peppermint oil, bromine compounds with isovaleric acid. Drugs based on phenobarbital prohibited in the United States and many other countries. Actively sold only in Ukraine and some CIS countries. Phenobarbital – narcotic substance from a number of barbiturates, it is addictive, has no proven effect other than a sedative, hypnotic and anticonvulsant. Has a number of side effects – poor coordination, slowing of reflexes, dizziness, memory impairment.

 Zantac (similar drugs: CREON, Pentitol, Festal, Enzistal, and others)

Active substance: Pancreatin. The drug is often used as self-medication with situational enzyme deficiency (especially when eating), however, there are more cost-effective the preparations of digestive enzymes are not as aggressive move in the CIS markets. If a person has a disease — specific enzyme deficiency — it needs to be treated with specific enzyme, and not one everyone. Experts explain the popularity of zantac, in comparison with analogues, a massive advertising campaign.

 Alcoholic solution of brilliant green

Brilliant green as an antiseptic weak. Because it’s all the same alcohol solution, then disinfecting properties it still has, but no more than regular alcohol. Rather, Zelenka helps to make others aware that you are not all right.


The results of seven clinical trials, involving 3459 patients, did not confirm the preventive effectiveness of the “Oscillococcinum” and similar homeopathic remedies against influenza. At the end of 2012 mokranowski the British society of evidence-based medicine published a report denying the effectiveness of “Oscillococcinum”.