SBU clarified the situation with a Trojan

The Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Trojan is not a suspect. This was stated by the press service of the SBU.

It is noted that SBU together with the Prosecutor General’s office carried out special operation on documenting and arrest three people suspected of extorting from the head of a business entity. Detainees today the measure of restraint.

“Within carrying out investigative actions militiamen received information about possible participation in these illegal actions of the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine of the Trojan. Despite the status of a person to ascertain the truth, the decision was made to conduct the search in the residential premises of Mr Troyan”, – said the press service.

“The results of these investigative actions the information about the possible involvement of Mr Troyan to such illegal activities was not reliable and not confirmed. Thus, the Trojan is not a suspect person”, – stressed in the SBU.

The investigation of this case on detainees continues.

As earlier reported, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that in the framework of this investigation, was detained the assistant to the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine, Ivashchenko, Deputy head of the public organization “Civil case “Azov” Brzezinsky and citizen sh who are suspected of systematic extortion with threat to life and health from a representative of a company funds totaling more than 1, 5 million UAH.

The press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs reported that the Trojan is currently on vacation, and recently participated in the investigation in one of the criminal proceedings.