America is on the verge of isolationism

I quietly listened to the inaugural address of the 45th President of the United States Donald trump. Although, if you watch the ceremony, it becomes obvious that this is a real performance. And spent it is estimated that a total of about $ 200 million. The amount gives an indication of the scale and importance of this event in the country.

The President is in campaign mode. The impression left me with his speech. The complete absence of intentions to unite, to build bridges or contribute to the rapprochement. The desire to close and to share.

President trump is a legal basis to promote their ideas. He won the election, although in that ability, few believed. Despised by all, including the elite of the Republican party, he emerged victorious. And who wins is right. That’s how democracy works: people vote in free elections, and the one who received the greatest number of votes according to the established electoral rules, wins.

Meanwhile, the key idea of trump, which is the most catches the eye is the priority given to “Made in USA”, without regard taken by the United States obligations, in particular in various trade agreements to which they are.

The election trump is a serious difficulty for globalization, her stubborn and steady expansion, which many thought irreversible. It’s funny that the idea of free trade and globalization undermines the President is a conservative, right-wing, multimillionaire and businessman. While in Davos, President of the people’s Republic of China defends economic globalization, speaking her genuine adept, offers a more effective coordination and cross-pillar approach to promote the world of open collaboration and mutual benefit. The impression that the world turned on its head.

Everything that happens to us today requires a thoughtful analysis. First of all, on this side of the Atlantic. How Europe will respond to this new form of being Americans? How should we position ourselves in the face of more closed and protectionist America that doesn’t want anyone to know? How to respond to possible reduction in NATO, the European defense shield? Attention, the American people have every right to choose your own way. I’m well aware that the U.S. President is a position that many, given its impact on the lives of the rest of the world, I would like to Express my opinion. The more we all know that many take there political decisions respond stronger echo in other, more remote corners of the planet. But in this issue we have, alas, no right to vote.

It will be useful to emphasize that the consequences outlined by the President with the trump of rotation in relation to the European economy and defense is not limited. They also affect the political-and not only in terms of European integration, but also some electoral processes that will unfold in the near future in several European countries. As already stated by President trump, it still, there is the European Union or not. The problem of what number to dial to reach Europe, is not on the agenda and may be tempted on their own or on someone else’s request, to participate in French elections and Dutch and Italian, which will be held soon. Otherwise, why would marine Le Pen to come to new York about two weeks ago. Assistants trump deny the fact of their meeting. Probably the leader of “National front” have made a tourist trip and went to Trump Tower just to see the building and enjoy a Cup of coffee…

In the world today begins a new round of changes, whose nature and character we can appreciate and fully felt only over time. Changes were made in the way we interact with each other, especially at the economic level.

The economy is already dominated by two main problems. The idea is to kill those few rules that regulate the global economy, by its very nature uncontrollable, and the reluctance to accept facing the world’s environmental problems, continuing by tradition to rely on fossil fuels as the main engine of the economy. These two topics will alarm anyone.

Now in America after pre-election promises, the time has come for concrete action. And it is time for Europe to understand that she will need nerves of steel and all its critical Arsenal to defend your own position in the negotiations, dealing with such an unpredictable person is the President trump. Of course, we adjust to the new conditions. But we also need to fight for peace, which is headed by the logic, to strengthen our inner potential: defense shields created by other, can’t last forever.