Chernobyl through the eyes of a Director and Stalker: the zone is a good illustration of the evolutionary processes in Ukraine

Over the last 30 years of the Chernobyl zone was a good illustration of the evolutionary processes in the Ukrainian society.

So I think Ukrainian film Director Miroslav slaboshpitsky and Chernobyl Stalker Markian Reed, who participated in the debate about Chernobyl at Book Arsenal.

They talked about why the Chernobyl zone can be perceived as a national idea.

“In fact, that Area that the tourists see is only 10% or even 5% of the whole Area – from the checkpoint of the Chernobyl station and Pripyat. Everything else is a wild land where tourists or there, or get there very rarely,” says Markian.

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According to him, if to speak about the “monster Zone” as a national idea, a vivid illustration is the Area of 90-ies.

“Various myths about the Area as very dangerous, where will the criminals, the homeless – all this Area 90 years. And actually, that was the whole Ukraine, that is, they were moving in parallel,” said Reed.

He said that in 2000 in Ukraine there was a decline in shootouts, so the Area was a little liberalizavimas in this regard. It became more safe and popular among visitors.

“After 2010, when the world began to learn more about Ukraine, Eurovision, Euro-2012, the Revolution of dignity – for the last 7 years has changed the attitude of the Area. Nobody is talking about any mutants in the Area,” – said Markiyan.

Also added slaboshpitsky, now in the Area, almost no marauders, because before, everything that could be stolen from the Area, were already taken out.

According to participants of discussion over the past 30 years, the Area was a good illustration of the evolutionary processes in the Ukrainian society.

Now the Zone has changed not only the Ukrainians but also foreigners.

“Now all the Europeans coming to the Area perceive it as FrontRow territory (the territory on the border of two different societies. Is also a transition area – ed.)”, – said Markiyan.

However, we cannot say that the Area is safe, because there are still not carried out the elimination of the accident.

April 26 this year in Ukraine remembered the victims of the Chernobyl disaster, which occurred 31 years ago. On this day the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko together the presidents visited the Arch over the fourth power Chernobyl.

Recall the night of 26 April 1986 there was the largest technogenic disaster in the history of mankind. The fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded and dumped radioactive substances in the Northern part of Ukraine, and also Belarus, Baltic States, Poland, Sweden, Finland and other countries.