Japan is ideal for traveling together: a lot of places to take pictures!

Travel can be different. You can go to the free swimming one. Can be fun and loud to drive around tourist places with friends. Also in memory is a trip with a loved one or a couple. If you visit a Japanese tourist spots designed specifically for couples, the love will only grow stronger.

On 15 may the Chinese newspaper Headline Daily published an article entitled “Japanese tourist places are suitable to be photographed with a loved one”. The article lists ten places in Japan where you should make a photo together.

The first five is as follows: the Park “Shiroi koibito” and the old Kofuku station in Hokkaido, Cinderella castle at Tokyo Disneyland, the Church of Saint Valentine in the Tokyo district of Harajuku and French language school Athénée Français in Tokyo Kanda. These places are typical Western style, and a fabulous atmosphere. As for the old Kofuku station in Hokkaido, there is romance along with style you can feel the taste of good old Japan. The word “Kofuku” (happiness) in Chinese means the same thing. We can say that the Chinese will not be difficult to embrace the concept of this place.


The second top is places for couples in the classic Japanese style: Shrine of Hakone-Jinja Shrine Kanagawa Park “EPO” in Gifu Prefecture, island of Saku and the temple Seconary in Aichi Prefecture and Kasindo Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto.

© flickr.com shin-kpark Yoro in Gifu Prefecture, Japan

As for Hakone Shrine, the paper offers to take a photo so that the background was a ritual the gates, standing in the water. The main theme of the Park “EPO” is an art. Perhaps love will become even stronger when together become part of the art, while enjoying various exhibits.

Japan has many tourist places and temples dedicated to love. You can select several such places and have fun in Japan, visiting each of them.