American media compared the inauguration of trump and Nixon

The inauguration of the 45th President of the United States Donald trump is very similar to the ceremony of his predecessor, the 37th President Richard Nixon. About it writes The Daily Beast, reports, “Радио24”.

As the newspaper notes, since the election of President trump his political path, accompanied by scandals and protests.

Congressman John Lewis, an active fighter for civil rights, went further than most, and stated that trump is “illegitimate President”. Several legislators joined him and refused to attend the inauguration on January 20.

The publication writes that trump and his team ignore the actions of the protesters who “just can’t accept that their candidate lost the election”. As noted, at the time did, and Nixon.

As you know, 20 January 1973, when Nixon took the oath after being elected for a second term, nearly 100 thousand people took to the streets in protest. Note that two years later Nixon resigned because of the scandal of”Watergate”.

As you know, Watergate was the only one in the history of the United States case, when the President terminated prematurely in vivo performance of duties.

June 17, 1972 (four months before the presidential election, in which Republican candidate Richard Nixon was re-election for a second term) in the headquarters of the presidential candidate of the Democratic party of George McGovern, located in the Washington complex “Watergate”, were detained penetrated into the hotel 5 people.

It is known that they were engaged in setting up eavesdropping equipment and, according to some, photographed internal documents of the headquarters of the Democrats.

Still no proven link of this incident with the Nixon administration, however, it is known that he really had a film with illegal zapisannyy negotiations Democrats.

But “the wire” obviously had no relationship to the hotel “Watergate”. At the same time, the public was interested not only was Nixon a specific group of five burglars, but also how he and his staff reacted to events after the fact – including from the point of view of the objective of their investigation.

At the end of 2016, the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) and the Department of homeland security (DHS), the United States released a report about cyber attacks on the servers of one of the American parties during the presidential elections in 2016, in the attacks have accused the Russian citizens and agencies.

The U.S. claim that the two groups of Russian intelligence hacked into the servers of the party in the United States in 2015 and 2016.

Thus, according to trump, the attack on the servers of the Democratic party, from whatever country it comes from, only shows gaps in cybersecurity of the party.

In addition, the US President-elect has commented on its future relationship with Russia in light of reports on controlled the leadership of Russia’s cyber attacks, including that such cyber attacks could have a value in predvybornoi campaign in the United States.

“If Putin (Russian President Vladimir Putin – Ed.) like Donald trump, I believe that it is an asset, not a liability,” said trump, adding that he will not be “less jetski” in relation to Putin, what would President Hillary Clinton.

Recall, December 29, the United States expanded sanctions against Russia in response to hacker attacks, conducted in mid-June: according to the White house, the Russian hackers broke into a database of the U.S. Democratic party, including having access to information about the newly elected President Donald trump.