How to get scholarship for education abroad: expert advice

More than 60% of people who hold prestigious positions (job portals) — those who have studied abroad or have an MBA. It is believed that they have a stronger knowledge (practice with modern equipment, etc.) than the students, who studied in the homeland. But add a cherished place in the summary about studying abroad is not cheap, according to many. It is not so, because of training in another country you can go for scholarships. To do this is not very easy. But distant dream can not be named.

Every year the chance for our students give about a dozen countries, there are many exchange programs and dual degree at universities, programs for akademisyenlik and also have the opportunity to receive money to study in Ukraine from our Embassy compatriots living abroad.


Monitor announcements of scholarships and grants to study on the website of the Ministry of science and education of Ukraine is possible all year round. Such programs annually go to study 1-3 thousand Ukrainian students. Here you can find offers from universities/government of Korea, Jordan, the UK, Hungary, UAE, Estonia, Greece, Slovakia etc. this may come across ads from specific universities willing to accept students with government assistance, and governments of the country.

Programs are usually listed offer a profession, which can leave the student, number of seats, time of study, language of instruction, required documents, deadline, etc. In universities are recommended to carefully read the terms of scholarship, but also warned that no “loose ends” to their institution.

“Many inspired, start to deal with registration, scheduling the future in my head for years to come. But then you realize he didn’t pay attention to the language of instruction or filing deadlines. Remember the student who had read that the language of instruction is Indonesian, only when it came to the advice of the Department of international cooperation of the University. There are those who send their documents at random, knowing that the deadline has passed. Regarding the latter, such a step is futile: I don’t recall the scholarships were announced donabar”, — explained the head of the international Department of Kharkiv University Michael Tregub.


The desire to obtain an MBA from a prestigious business school is often “podkashivatsya” not low the result of tests or lack of leadership qualities/experience, and lack of the required amount (several thousand dollars) to pay for school. To secure a scholarship, though difficult, but possible: it can be partial, and full payment for the study. Scholarships offered by business schools what can be found on their website.

The selection criteria can be different from the outstanding academisation and leadership achievements (e.g., Wharton Business School) the financial needs of the applicants (Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth). I can also mark any particular characteristic (gender, national, etc.). So, scholarships as gender equality (for women) give London Business School, INSEAD, Chicago Booth, etc. and certain funds (The Forte Foundation, the Herman Family Fellowship, etc.). And in support of certain ethnic groups, for example, in the IMD, the support of the scholarship of Allerta Jimma (Jim Ellert MBA Scholarships) — for the people of Africa, South Asia, Central and Eastern Europe.

“Ukrainians are hard to find scholarship because Western sponsors have not advertised at every step. It is necessary to deliberately seek and consider the business school that offer scholarships for students of the countries of the former CIS. Such proposals are at IEDC-Bled School of Management, a program of the Muskie (Muskie), Fulbright (Fulbright), etc.” — says the participant of the Fulbright program Maikov Irina from Kiev.


Exchange students and double degree program is a good options for Ukrainian students, which gives the opportunity to flaunt in your summary zagranpasporta and saranapala. All the nuances on these issues are in the Department of international cooperation or akademisyenlik of the University. The chances of such a study is quite high (at the University level). Special features of the programs that the studies are often not linked to the course (to leave even a sophomore with knowledge of the desired language), it lasts 1 semester in the exchange (the tuition is free, although there are exceptions) and more (if academymobile, in this case, the receiving party even pays a stipend). Upon return, the student takes the disciplines that are “owed”, and listened to abroad will be shown in the diploma as a statement about akademietheater.

DOUBLE “CRUST”. To obtain a foreign degree in addition to Ukrainian must be a bachelor or master, and the study will last 1-2 years. Thus, if in the first case, the student is enough to wish and be proficient in the language, which will be found course, for dual certification requirements are tougher: you need to study hard to know the language to such an extent to take an international exam (in some universities it is required). By the way, to study student can only go where his specialty (from domestic universities, serrapetase are not all faculties), and you also need to consider the costs (they can be covered fully, partially or not covered at all).

“ZAGRANICHNAYA”. There is a flip side of the coin, when foreigners are invited to come and help with payment, and our Embassy is concerned that the Ukrainians living outside the state, could receive a scholarship to study in Ukraine. The allocation of these scholarships is based on the recommendations of the Embassy of Ukraine in the country where the candidate or officially registered Ukrainian national-cultural societies. A scholarship can give to those who are of a certain educational-qualification level gets first preference is given to such areas as teacher education, art, Humanities, journalism and information, social and political science.