A young mother showed honest the stomach after cesarean section

To give birth – the process is normal and natural. But in some cases have to go under the knife and do a C-section. This method is not as simple and easy as it may seem from the outside.

About this young mother Olivia white wrote in Instagram and showed the belly a few hours after caesarean section.

“Anyone who thinks it’s “easy delivery”, try to make the 10-centimeter wound in her stomach – like a shark, from which is extracted body parts, eaten by the surfer. It seems that your internal organs are trying to escape”, – signed photo with chamber Olivia.

Photo: instagram.com/houseofwhite_

It is noteworthy that such a blatantly photo after birth caused a strong reaction of subscribers. In the review they note that I do not consider caesarean section – the birth of light and praise Olivia for being honest.