La Vanguardia (Spain): can a banana to prevent infection with coronavirus at the cellular level?

Good afternoon, Aitor. Although I am well aware about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, recently I see a lot of articles about that Japanese longevity is due to Japanese diet. Is it true that the Japanese diet promotes longevity, which exceeds the Mediterranean?

Aitor Sanchez: There are many studies on the impact of diet on life expectancy. As you say, among the most effective figures as the Mediterranean diet, rich in fish and seafood diet of the various Eastern peoples.

It should be understood that the Japanese diet is not only noodles and sushi, and a Mediterranean diet not only consists of ham and wine. Usually, such kind of diet include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats contained in fish and nuts.

Another factor that affects life expectancy — the number of calories we consume per day. According to the latest data, the overeating leads to reduced life expectancy. So there’s another reason to watch your weight.

Hello, Aitor! I recently read that the banana is able to prevent infection with coronavirus at the cellular level. Is it really so? Are there products that perform the same function and protect us from the virus? Thank you!

Aitor Sanchez: absolutely not. Never trust a ideas that offer simple solutions, looking implausible and illogical. If the banana had such properties, it would be prescribed to everybody.

Moreover, this statement is absurd from the point of view of human physiology. The fruit may protect us from infection respiratory virus? Sometimes people don’t make any effort to give at least Fleur credibility of absurd things.

To boost immunity, you should pay attention to certain products. During the quarantine we’ve put together some tips: you need to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, avoid deep-processed products and alcoholic drinks. Try to avoid the lack of vitamins and minerals for our immune system and also watch your weight, to prevent the development of various diseases.

— Is it true that Chia seeds contribute to easy weight loss? Thank you!

Aitor Sanchez: No, it is not. There is no simple secrets that would help us to lose weight effortlessly. Does not possess such properties any one product.

My intent is not to diminish the beneficial properties of Chia, but not worth to think that the seeds have magical properties.

The seeds contain many nutrients, so, in the end, it is the beginnings of life, clots of nutrients necessary for growth of new plants.

A few years ago we were only familiar with sunflower seeds and pumpkin. Today in food actively use Chia seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds. These foods have high content of fiber and healthy fatty acids.

In particular, Chia seeds can indirectly help people with excess weight. The fact that soaking them in water the seeds secrete a characteristic slime from which you can prepare hearty puddings. However, by themselves, the Chia seed does not promote weight loss.