Treason, land seizures and killings of Euromaidan participants: all suspect Yanukovych

March 23, in the center of Kiev was killed by a former Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov. In 2016, Boronenkov left Russia in Ukraine and has Ukrainian citizenship. The politician was one of the witnesses on suspicions the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych of treason. Shortly before his death, Boronenkov gave testimony in the case of Yanukovych.

The place of death of Denis Boronenkov. Photo: AFP

However, treason is not the only suspicion against fugitive President. Against him under investigation on suspicion of the introduction of the “dictatorial laws” 16 of January 2014, of involvement in the death of Euromaidan participants, misappropriation of Mezhyhirya and land in Sukholuchchia and other crimes.

Testimony Boronenkov you can use.

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that the victim Voronenkov has managed to provide the investigators on the case of treason Yanukovych important evidence under a written Protocol. According to Lutsenko, the law provides that such evidence may be adding some flavor to the case.

“Cynical murder of one of the witnesses, who takes on the case of treason, ex-President Yanukovych. Among white day in the centre of Kiev, was shot by the ex-Deputy of Russian state Duma Denis Voronenkov, who provided investigators of the military Prosecutor’s office of extremely important evidence in the case. It was usual for the Kremlin exemplary punishment of the witness, – Lutsenko declared, – However, Boronenkov is not the only witness among the Russian officials. the law Also provides a enclosed with a principal in the trial testimony Boronenkov, the data under written Protocol.”

A case of treason

28 November 2016 during a meeting of the Sviatoshynsky district court of Kyiv on the case on suspicion that former employees of special division “Berkut” in the murder of people during the revolution of Dignity the attorney General Lutsenko videoconference was read by Yanukovych, who testified as a witness in this case, suspicion of high treason.

Viktor Yanukovych during the meeting of Svyatoshinsky regional court of Kiev. Photo: AFP

So, Yanukovych is suspected of committing crimes under part 1 of article 111 (high treason), paragraph 5 of article 27, part 3 of article 110 (intentional complicity in acts committed with the aim of changing the boundaries of the territory and the state border of Ukraine in violation of the order established by the Constitution of Ukraine) and part 5 article 27, part 2 of article 437 (aiding in waging aggressive war) of the criminal code of Ukraine.

“Accordingly, the content of the message, Yanukovych Viktor Yanukovych is suspected that on March 1, 2014, as a citizen of Ukraine, while in an undisclosed location in the territory of the Russian Federation, acting intentionally in violation of art. 1, 2, 65, 68, 132, 133, 134 the Constitution, committed treason, and also with the purpose of aiding the Russian Federation and its representatives in violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, hoping to obtain support and protection from the authorities of the Russian Federation for further long-term residence on the territory of the country and avoid criminal liability in Ukraine creating the idea of legitimacy of actions of officials and service persons of the Armed forces, presenting the appearance of legitimacy of the invasion and occupation by units of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation the territory of the Crimea Peninsula, recognizing explicitly the wrongfulness of their actions, made, signed and filed a written statement to the Russian President Putin to use the armed forces of the state on the territory of Ukraine, which gave a foreign state, the Russian Federation, and its members help in conducting subversive activities against Ukraine as well as facilitating the officials and service persons of the armed forces in waging aggressive war against Ukraine and the Commission of intentional action with the aim of changing the borders of the territories and the state border of Ukraine in violation of the order established by the Constitution of Ukraine, which led to serious consequences in the form of violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”, – said Lutsenko.

The head of the GPU said that Yanukovych’s actions led to the occupation of the Crimea, as well as causing losses to the state due to the losses of state property totaling more than 1 trillion 80 billion UAH.

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The Russian side is the receipt of the letter from Yanukovych with a request to use Russian troops in Ukraine denies, said in early March Lutsenko. According to him, the response of the General Prosecutor’s office reported that the Administration of President nor the Federation Council had not received such a letter. However, a copy of this letter earlier, during a speech in the UN security Council showed former permanent representative of Russia Vitaly Churkin. Moreover, the existence of such a letter was confirmed by Yanukovych and Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Lutsenko.

Materials that are submitted to the GPU during the statement Lutsenko about the transfer of the case of treason Yanukovych in court. Video: Youtube/the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine

As of this moment, the case of Yanukovych on suspicion of treason already brought to trial. The trial will proceed in absentia.

On March 28 an Appellate court in Kyiv has defined the jurisdiction of the case of treason Yanukovych of Pechersky district court of Kiev it was handed over in Obolon. The reading of the full text of the decision of the court of Appeal on April 3.

As the Prosecutor Ruslan Kravchenko, representing in this process, the prosecution, after the announcement of the resolution of indictment against Yanukovych will be passed to the Obolon district court that within five days after receipt of the act to appoint a date for a hearing.

The hearing in the case on misappropriation of land in Sukholuchye

Meanwhile, another Metropolitan court – Shevchenko district in Kiev appointed date of hearings in essence on the illegal transfer of ownership of Yanukovych lands in the tract Sukholuchye in the Kiev region, said Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko. This is another case against the former President. Him and another 18 people suspected of misappropriation of land area of 17.48 ha. a court Hearing is scheduled for April 13.

Other criminal proceedings against Yanukovych

Suspicions of treason and misappropriation of hunting land in Sukholuchye is not all episodes of which against Yanukovych’s criminal proceedings.

According to the PGO, former President suspected misappropriation of a complex of buildings and constructions “Pushcha-Vodytsia” tracts “Mezhyhiria” totaling more than 540 million hryvnia (h 5CT.191, part 3 of article 209, paragraph 5 of article 368 of the criminal code of Ukraine). In addition, investigators conduct pre-trial investigation upon receipt of the fugitive President disguised remuneration of a bribe in the amount of 26.6 million UAH from company “Printing house “New World” (p. 4st. 368 of UK of Ukraine), and for illegal construction and further funding from the state budget funds in the amount of 220 million hryvnia telecommunication network special nominationI (part 5, article 191 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

Moreover, the Prosecutor’s office investigates signing and introduction of Yanukovych’s “dictatorial” laws of January 16, 2014 (part 2 of article 364 and part 2 St. 366 criminal code of Ukraine). In the framework of another criminal proceedings the PGO suspects Yanukovych in fact the creation of a criminal organization and committing a number of grave crimes which led to the deaths of 78 people and injured more than 180 people during the revolution of Dignity (part 1 of article 255, part 4 of article 28, article 340, part 3, article 27, part 3, article 365, part 2 of article 115, part 2 of article 121 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

As of November 2016 in the framework of these criminal proceedings, the GPU carried out the preliminary investigation.