How to lose weight without hunger and exercise: the TOP 3 easy ways

Until the summer remained slightly less than a month, and you still have not joined the gym, began to train, not switched to a healthy diet. If the result for you is really important, it is necessary to use all possible means.

The website found alternative ways to lose unfortunate weight without going to the gym and strict diets.


The basic rule of breathing exercises: inhale and exhale are not chest and belly.

Slim waist, six-pack abs, a deep study of the abdominal muscles is achieved at the execution of a set of breathing exercises — you can start with 15 minutes a day.


The method is quite simple and is often in combination with other methods. Taking a shower at the end of the procedure, vary the water temperature from ice cold to hot. Contrast shower not only eliminates excess weight but also from a number of diseases, such as arrhythmia, obesity, dystonia, hypertension in the initial stage and cellulite. There are also contraindications.


In the suppression of subcutaneous fat deposits proven canned, water, honey and hand-plucked types of massage. They allow you to split up fat deposits, improve blood circulation zones of the anterior abdominal wall, to normalize the intestinal peristalsis.

The procedure can be carried out independently at home and in special shops. Sessions should be systematic and conducted the course.